July 17, 2008

Userplane Partners With Four Leading Community Platform Providers to Integrate Live Chat, IM and Presence

Userplane, the world's premier social software provider for online communities and one of the largest global social media ad networks, announced today that it has partnered with four leading online social media platform providers to integrate Userplane applications to enhance their offerings.

The four providers - KickApps (www.kickapps.com), the leading on demand social media platform; Small World Labs (www.smallworldlabs.com), a proven enterprise social networking provider; Magnify (www.magnify.net), a fast-growing video community platform; and Pringo (www.pringo.com), an international leader in private labeled online communities - will integrate Userplane's live chat, instant messaging (IM) and presence functionality into their respective platforms. Members of sites powered by these four platforms can now engage in live text and audio/video conversations with each other via Userplane's chat and/or instant messaging applications. KickApps formally announced the relationship earlier this week.

Today's announcement comes on the heels of news that Userplane has partnered with ConVerdge (www.converdge.com) to integrate Userplane applications as added core features to its Social Media Platform solution. Mashable (my.mashable.com), the popular social networking and social media news blog, will be the first community powered by ConVerdge to benefit from the new partnership.

"Real-time interaction and presence are fundamental to vibrant social networking," said Michael Jones, CEO of Userplane and SVP of AOL. "These communications building blocks are great ways for members of online communities to grow their relationships with people that share similar interests. Working with KickApps, Small World, Magnify and Pringo, we look forward to helping web publishers of all sizes get the most out of their social media sites.

"Web publishers typically experience significant growth, once they implement social media features like blogging, commenting, photo and video sharing," Jones said. "Adding Userplane will give them the ability to offer immediate communication between their members. Successful integrations can drive even greater levels of engagement to further fuel growth and sustained user participation."

Through each platform's relationship with Userplane, the four have integrated Userplane Webchat2 and Userplane Webmessenger2 as core features of each platform. The Userplane chat and IM features are available at no additional cost. Userplane shares advertising revenue from the placement of non-intrusive, relevant advertising on the chat and IM clients, across its platform partners.

About Userplane

A wholly owned subsidiary of AOL, Userplane is the world's premier social software provider for online communities and operates one of the top 30 largest social media ad network globally. The company's hosted apps enable instant community and communication for websites of any scale and audience - and support millions of users daily. Userplane's social ad network offers a revenue-sharing solution that serves up half a billion daily impressions atop social websites reaching nearly 50M users monthly. Founded in 2001 by long-time partners Michael Jones, Nate Thelen, and Javier Hall, Userplane - one of the pioneers of the social web - is based in Santa Monica, Calif.