July 17, 2008

Jaffe Associates Publishes Definitive Guide to PR 2.0 for Law Firms

WASHINGTON, July 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Jaffe Associates, the leading public relations firm serving the legal industry in North America and Europe, has published a white paper to provide guidance to law firms seeking to understand what Web 2.0 means for their public relations and networking efforts.

"Whether it's LinkedIn or Legal OnRamp, Twitter or del.icio.us, Web 2.0 is very quickly transforming the way law firms market themselves and their attorneys," said Jay M. Jaffe, President and CEO. "We know it will be useful for our clients, our friends, as well as ourselves, to get totally up to date on these major changes in the way we all work."

Titled "Web 2.0 and PR 2.0 -- The Way Jaffe Looks At The Present," the Jaffe white paper cuts through the hype about social media and provides, in practical terms, a grounding for attorneys and law firm marketers that will put them ahead of the curve regarding these new tools. It provides the information they need, right now, to begin implementing Web 2.0 tools in their public relations efforts. Topics covered include:

-- What Web 2.0 means, in practical terms, for the legal industry

-- How Web 2.0 makes networking for lawyers easier for everyone, regardless of geography or time pressures

   -- How to leverage legal content using Web 2.0   -- Rules for using Web 2.0 effectively    

Jaffe says the key to making the most of the PR, marketing, and networking opportunities made possible by Web 2.0 is taking the time now to focus on what these tools do, the audiences they reach, and how they can be adapted for the law firm market. The changes will also require a change in the mindset of a naturally risk-averse market.

"Many attorneys and legal marketers feel they are too busy just keeping up with email, never mind managing social networking site profiles, reading Twitter posts, or ensuring a practice area blog is active with content and responses to comments," says Jaffe. "Yet it's those firms that pay attention now that will reap the benefits later. And, they will be ahead of the pack when their competitors realize these changes not only aren't going away, they are happening at an ever-increasing pace. Wait too long and you may never catch up."

Adds Liz Lindley, Director of Jaffe's Public Relations and WritersForLawyers(TM) groups, "Lawyers are just now getting accustomed to the idea of transparency and two-way dialogue which is the philosophical cornerstone of the 2.0 world. Jaffe's white paper gives them information to ease their minds and take a closer look at how they can comfortably use these amazing technologies, just as Corporate America has been doing for some time now."

The full Jaffe Web 2.0 white paper is available at http://jaffeassociates.com/pages/articles/view.php?article_id=296

Jaffe has also launched a blog (http://jaffeassociates.com/blog/) and wiki (http://jaffeassociates.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page) for attorneys and legal marketers to find out more about using Web 2.0 in their marketing efforts, and to interact and add their own comments, thoughts and observations.

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