July 18, 2008

Univision Network Requests 45 Xtreme SD PC Encoding Units From LOV Engineering

MIAMI, July 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Univision, the #1 and largest Spanish network in the country met with LOV Engineering representatives, CEO Jorge Alberto Cano, CTO Omar Suner and USA Division Representative Jerry Gonzalez at Network headquarters in Miami on July 2. LOV Engineering reps presented the Xtreme SD Encoding Box prototype as well as the Xtreme SD PC prototype to Operations Manager Angel Matos, News Technical Manager Carlos Jimenez, Broadcast Engineer Jorge Duarte and other network news technicians. Also on hand was Peruvian award winning feature director Eduardo Guillot of Imagia Films USA. Univision executives were asked to provide technical input as to the specific features they would like to see implemented into the Xtreme SD Encoding Box and PC prototype.

While the stepladder upload testing parameters were not met due to internal network safeguards at Univision's headquarters, streaming tests using a Verizon Air Card at 180-280kbps were enough to maintain a very acceptable network broadcast signal. The Xtreme SD encoding box was used solely on its internal battery power throughout the two and a half hour demonstration and was able to maintain a quality image.

Each of the Univision representatives were impressed with the superior image quality at such low bandwidth streaming rates using H.264 VP6x encoding. Compared to the other leading competitors, the LOV Xtreme SD Encoding Box is among the best in image quality.

The second half of the meeting included the introduction of the stand- alone Xtreme SD PC prototype, which will include a talk back IFB feature, air card slots, compatible DC powering connections in a very small compact design.

Univision currently has news bureaus all throughout Latin America with dedicated 2-3mbps broadband connections and has over 45 digital news gathering units across the country. Univision executives and LOV Engineering reps will be collaborating over the next 3 to 6 months with the goal of implementing Univision specifications for the final PC prototype. Should the PC prototype meet Univision expectations, executives have verbally committed to purchase 45 portable, high quality, stream flexible Xtreme SD PC encoding boxes from LOV Engineering.


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