July 18, 2008

World’s PC System Health Leader Advances State of Technology With PC- Doctor 6 Architecture

Expanded Focus Gives Users More Power to Solve Problems on Their Own

PC-Doctor Inc., Reno

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PC-Doctor Inc., the global leader in PC system health software, today introduced its PC-Doctor 6 architecture, the latest platform for advanced PC health diagnosis and management. The new architecture delivers automated solutions, contextual tips and other advanced features to help PC users solve problems on their own.

Building on more than 15 years of diagnostic and system health experience, PC-Doctor 6 is available today to PC manufacturers for the latest versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Four of the world's top five manufacturers preinstall PC-Doctor software on desktops, notebooks and servers to reduce warranty and service delivery costs.

"Our previous architecture, PC-Doctor 5 for Windows, set a new bar for diagnostic accuracy, speed and other important characteristics to help our OEM customers reduce unnecessary warranty returns," said Doug van Aman, chief marketing officer. "PC- Doctor 6 carries on that tradition of accuracy and speed, and adds a new and expanded emphasis on the customer experience. Our tools help users solve problems on their own, which reduces support calls."

Key among the rich new features to help users is PC-Doctor Profiler, which can track changes in hardware and software to give a better understanding of what changed between two points in time. This is useful for advanced end-users and for technical support personnel. Additionally, PC-Doctor 6 can track system metrics over time to pinpoint performance problems, such as long Windows startup times, that the software can relate to changes in the hardware and software configuration of the system.

The new architecture also greatly expands PC-Doctor 6 Solutions, which can automatically guide an end user through OEM-customizable technical support flows that have access to PC-Doctor Direct System Information(TM), diagnostic results, and end user input. This allows end users to solve many problems without contacting OEM customer support.

Other advanced features of the new architecture include:

-- Improvements to PC-Doctor's system information that supports real-time information gathering and background monitoring to help address Windows blue screens, system instability, intermittent errors, and other difficult problems

-- Improved and expanded information about hardware and firmware for automated analysis in support of predictive diagnostics and statistical modeling

-- Improved diagnostics for the most common problems affecting hard drives, memory and networking

-- Advanced system health features that help users understand what's going on with their computer, such as a simple file analysis tool that displays a pie chart of different file types and allows users to delete files without changing locations

-- A contextual-offers capability that can help PC manufacturers sell aftermarket products based on precise system configurations without violating user privacy

PC-Doctor 6 includes more than 200 diagnostic tests that cover all major PC subsystems including CPU, memory, system board, storage, audio, graphics, networking, and I/O peripherals. Test scripting and graphical interfaces are easily customizable to meet OEM customers' specific technical and branding requirements. PC- Doctor 6 shares a common technology base with PC-Doctor's factory and service products to improve failure and trend analysis: If a test passes in manufacturing, it should also pass in the field or in service.

PC-Doctor 6 is available to PC OEMs today in 19 languages. It is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows PE, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 and other current versions of Microsoft Windows.

Founded in 1993, PC-Doctor Inc. develops diagnostics and other system health tools that help PC makers, service centers, and IT organizations reduce costs, improve quality and enhance customer satisfaction. With more than 160 million units shipped worldwide, PC- Doctor's diagnostics are installed on systems from four of the world's top five leading PC manufacturers. In addition to Windows products, the company also develops diagnostics for Linux and other operating systems that run on leading Intel and AMD microprocessors. For more information about PC-Doctor and its products, visit www.pc- doctor.com or call 866-289-7237; internationally, call 775-336- 4000.

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