July 18, 2008

NCR Signs Licensing Agreement With E-Play

NCR, a global technology company, has announced an exclusive licensing agreement with e-Play, a producer of self-service digital entertainment vending kiosks. The agreement is a move that adds bare-disc technology to NCR's existing global self-service technology portfolio, expanding consumer self-service options for delivery of digital entertainment.

The new platform allows bare movie or game discs to be vended and returned - cases or sleeves are not required - and offers the option of checking discs for quality. This technology presents added revenue opportunities for retailers and other enterprises, through kiosks that can each inventory up to 4,200 discs in a few square feet - freeing valuable shelf and floor space while helping control shrink.

The technology also creates a better experience for consumers, improving access to merchandise and providing a convenient self-service option for buying, selling and trading used media, along with offering a large number of titles from which to choose.

NCR plans to integrate e-Play's bare disc technology into its NCR Xpress Entertainment portfolio, which includes a multi-channel software platform - allowing consumers to interact via the internet, their mobile devices or kiosks - and hardware options ranging from DVD vending to digital download kiosks. Planned future enhancements include support for other types of digital media.

e-Play is currently working with a national retail chain to conduct a multi-store pilot in Georgia, North Carolina and Ohio of kiosks that enable self-service buying, selling and trading of movies.