July 18, 2008

IIJ Introduces DKIM Sender Authentication for Its Email Security Solution

Internet Initiative Japan has announced that its integrated email security solution IIJ Secure MX Service is now compatible with DomainKeys Identified Mail technology.

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is a sender authentication that enables the recipient of an email to authenticate the sender of the e-mail through a digital signature attached to the e-mail message by the sender, and thus determine the validity of the e-mail.

According to Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ), its IIJ Secure MX Service now uses DKIM technology to validate the senders of the e-mail received by the IIJ gateway server and to insert the results of a message evaluation into the message header as a score before delivering it to the customer. The customer can use the score on an incoming e-mail message to filter the messages at the customer's e-mail client.