July 18, 2008

Aircell Selects LTE As 4G Network Technology for in-Flight Connectivity

Aircell, a provider of airborne communications, has announced its intention to base its fourth generation mobile broadband network on Long Term Evolution, the emerging standard for advanced mobile broadband networks and services.

Aircell plans to deploy Long Term Evolution (LTE) to enable the next generation ultra-high bandwidth mobile services such as hi-definition and interactive TV and multi- player immersive gaming that passengers will come to expect. As Aircell migrates toward full LTE deployment, planned network and technology developments will enable Aircell to serve North American airlines with state- of-the-art mobile broadband technology.

Aircell joins wireless giants AT&T, Verizon and Alltel in selecting LTE as the choice for 4G network technology. LTE will enable networks to deliver mobile data with greater speed, better throughput performance and lower latency. The end result is the availability of the ultra-high bandwidth mobile services and pervasive internet that consumers are coming to expect.

In addition, airline operations will benefit directly and significantly from Aircell's deployment of 4G technologies, which will enable a wide array of powerful operational applications such as high-resolution weather-to-the- cockpit.