Last updated on April 18, 2014 at 9:25 EDT

PC-Doctor Introduces New Version of Health Diagnosis Platform

July 18, 2008

PC-Doctor, a provider of PC system health software, has introduced PC-Doctor 6 architecture, its latest platform for advanced PC health diagnosis and management. The new architecture delivers automated solutions, contextual tips and other advanced features to help PC users solve problems on their own.

Building on more than 15 years of diagnostic and system health experience, PC-Doctor 6 is available today to PC manufacturers for the latest versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Key among the rich new features to help users is PC-Doctor Profiler, which can track changes in hardware and software to give a better understanding of what changed between two points in time. This is useful for advanced end-users and for technical support personnel. Additionally, PC-Doctor 6 can track system metrics over time to pinpoint performance problems, such as long Windows startup times, that the software can relate to changes in the hardware and software configuration of the system.

The new architecture also greatly expands PC-Doctor 6 Solutions, which can automatically guide an end user through OEM-customizable technical support flows that have access to PC-Doctor Direct System Information, diagnostic results, and end user input. This allows end users to solve many problems without contacting OEM customer support.