July 21, 2008

SynthaSite Wins Web User’s 2008 Gold Award

The best things in life are free according to Web User magazine, which awarded SynthaSite, the leading do-it-yourself free Web site builder, with a Gold Award and a five-star review.

In its May 6, 2008, issue Web User magazine named SynthaSite the best Web site builder among six other competitors including Google Pages and Lycos Tripod. According to the magazine, "SynthaSite is a very powerful tool and, to look at it, you'd be forgiven for believing it to be a computer-based application rather than a website running in a browser...The most amazing thing about the service is that it's completely free. You don't get any adverts on your site, and you can host your own if you've got a Google AdSense account."

SynthaSite's Web site builder is an intuitive tool that allows anyone, regardless of technical know-how, to create and publish a Web site with ease. With SynthaSite's drag and drop technology, users can easily incorporate a variety of widgets including Flickr streams, YouTube videos, Google Gadgets, Genbook online appointment booking and many more. Users also benefit from free sub-domains and hosting for their sites. Web sites created on SynthaSite are universally compatible across operating systems, as well as browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox.

"The Internet is one of the most advantageous tools to emerge in the past 50 years. Why should complicated technology keep people from having their own, personalized presence online?" said Vinny Lingham, CEO of SynthaSite. "Building a Web site should be easy; what we're offering is a simple method to create a professional-looking site that can meet any user's needs. We are honored to receive this recognition from Web User magazine and will continue to provide better services and an enjoyable experience for everyone who wants to create a Web site."

What Everyday Users Are Saying

"I've just done the unthinkable and 'designed' and published a website -- on my own! Obviously I couldn't have done it without SynthaSite as it's made it all so easy," said Jonathan Posner, http://www.travelwithdesign.synthasite.com/About.php.

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About SynthaSite

SynthaSite is at the forefront of the Web 2.0 movement, offering a free Web site creation tool that empowers everyday users and small businesses to easily create professional quality Web sites. Privately held SynthaSite, backed by venture capital firm Columbus Venture Capital, is the recipient of numerous industry accolades. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, Calif. For additional information, please visit www.synthasite.com or call 415-227-0250.

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