July 22, 2008

CodeMesh In-Process Integration Technology Used on Safety Program for Swiss Railway

Supercomputing Systems AG Uses CodeMesh JMS Courier to Create Automated Safety Solution for State-of-the-Art Rail System

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CodeMesh, Inc., the leading provider of solutions for integrating programming languages, today announced that Supercomputing Systems AG, a Zurich-based engineering company, relies on CodeMesh JMS Courier for the railway safety application being used by Swiss Railway (SBB). CodeMesh enabled Supercomputing to reuse existing technology assets and create an automated safety system that monitors the traffic of cargo trains.

Switzerland opened the Lotschberg-Basistunnel (LBT) in December 2007. To accommodate speeds of up to 100 kilometers-per-hour for cargo trains on the new line through the Alps, an updated set of safety requirements were needed to monitor the cargo trains using the tunnel. SBB had a Delphi-based application for measuring weight distribution, or the force that the axis brings down on the rail of a running train. Meanwhile, Supercomputing Systems had a special application for user terminals written in C++ which has been in used at SBB for other safety monitoring applications. Supercomputing used CodeMesh JMS Courier to create a network interface that combines the disparate modules into one unified application. Merging these programs resulted in a solution that automates the process of monitoring rail traffic on a 24 / 7 basis. In addition to meeting safety mandates, this approach eliminated the need to write an entirely new application.

"It is essential that the weight distributions of cargo wagons be meticulously measured," said Martin Frey, project manager for Supercomputing Systems. "Increased speeds may cause cargo to shift in transit, which can make a train less stable. This automated system gives SBB the ability to meet the new safety requirements of today's rail systems. Additionally, CodeMesh helped us to save a significant amount of time and money."

JMS Courier enables C++ or .NET applications to use any Java Message Service (JMS) provider for its asynchronous enterprise communications needs. With CodeMesh, there is no need to rely on vendor specific interfaces that end up locking the user into that provider's implementation for the life of the project. JMS Courier leverages CodeMesh's in-process integration technology both at development and during runtime.

The Supercomputing Systems application is currently operational on four production scales, also known as Radlastcheckpoints, and it displays data at three stations. The program will eventually be deployed to over 50 signaling stations throughout Switzerland. A variety of measuring devices will eventually be used in the project. Interface services will be created that translate the TCP based protocol into JMS. This will give Swiss Railway the flexibility it needs to use the messaging services that best serve its safety interests.

"CodeMesh makes it possible for Supercomputing Systems to reuse existing code and bring different components into a single, powerful solution," said Alex Krapf, president and co-founder of CodeMesh. "JMS Courier leverages CodeMesh's in-process integration technology, which helps businesses improve performance while avoiding deployment complexities and security concerns."

CodeMesh's in-process integration technology eliminates the need for the external processes or servers required by other forms of integration. In addition to being fast and secure, CodeMesh's interoperability solutions require much less communication overhead than conventional approaches to integration. Besides JMS Courier, CodeMesh offers JunC++ion, which provides across-the-board Java to C++ integration, and JuggerNET, which takes Java programming code and generates .NET bridge components.

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