July 22, 2008

Sony Forms TransferJet Consortium

Sony and 14 other consumer electronics companies have formed a consortium to promote and develop specifications for products using new interoperable wireless transfer technology called TransferJet that enables a high-speed data transmission rate of 560Mbps and eliminates the need for complex setup and operation.

The consortium will develop specifications and guidelines on a broad range of products and services that incorporate TransferJet technology. It will also work on interoperability between TransferJet products and will establish licensing schemes and administer the use of the TransferJet logo.

The consortium includes Sony, Canon, Eastman Kodak, Hitachi, Victor Company of Japan, KDDI, Kenwood, Matsushita Electric Industrial, Nikon, Olympus Imaging, Pioneer, Samsung Electronics, Seiko Epson, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, and Toshiba.