July 22, 2008

The Green Polka Dot Box Contracts With Center 7 for Colocation Services

Center 7, Inc., a leading provider of colocation and hosted business solutions, announced today that The Green Polka Dot Box has chosen Center 7 to provide its colocation and network management services.

The Green Polka Dot Box's business is educating consumers about good food choices and then selling them what they need to meet their health goals. The company also teaches customers that the products provided by The Green Polka Dot Box are exactly what they need to be healthy and those products are offered at the lowest possible price.

"We know how to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle and we definitely understand the importance of having a proven technology partner to ensure our message gets out," said Rod Smith, CEO of The Green Polka Dot Box. "Having unparalleled colocation and bandwidth services means our customers will always have access to our latest health and organic food offerings."

Rather than taking a shotgun approach with its customers, The Green Polka Dot Box takes careful aim on serving the needs of consumers who, in addition to healthy, organic foods, need to purchase foods that fall into the weight loss, glycemic conscious, food allergies, and sports nutrition categories. The Green Polka Dot Box knows the importance of making all of these products and associated information available without the risk of any downtime.

"The Green Polka Dot Box will now be able to take full advantage of our industry-leading colocation and data security systems at our purpose-built data centers," said Nathan Hatch, President & CEO of Center 7, Inc. "We're pleased to offer organizations like The Green Polka Dot Box the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing that their customers will continually have access to all the information they need and can easily purchase products."

About Center 7, Inc.

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