July 22, 2008

D-Link Canada Now Shipping High Performance Switch for Small-to- Medium Business Networks ; Newest Solution in Popular xStack(R) Product Family Delivers Performance, Flexibility and Security

OAKVILLE, ON--(Marketwire - July 22, 2008) - D-Link Canada, the end-to-end networking solutions provider for consumers and businesses, today began shipping a high-performance Power over Ethernet (PoE) network switch that offers enterprise features but fits the budgets of small-to-midsized businesses seeking to extend network connections to difficult-to-reach locations.

The new D-Link(R) xStack(R) DGS-3426P is a stackable managed Layer 2+ switch that can interstack with other members of the xStack 3400 family, which includes the DGS-3426, 3427 and 3450. Embedded with D-Link's Single IP Management (SIM) capability, the DGS-3426P switch can be part of a virtual stack with other SIM-enabled devices, allowing up to 32 devices to be managed under a single IP.

The D-Link xStack Switch features Redundant Ring Stacking with optional 10-Gigabit modules that can be installed in the open slots to create a physical stack, with up to 12 units or 576 Gigabit ports available for configuring per stack. Users can install one or two single-port modules, depending on whether the linear or fault- tolerant Ring Stacking is implemented. With each of these ports providing 20Gbps full duplex transmission on the cost-effective coaxial cable, the DGS-3426P provides not only high-bandwidth stacking but also a cost control capability that allows users to add ports strictly on a per need basis.

As with others in the xStack series, the DGS-3426P provides a complete set of security features that include L2/L3/L4 multi-layer Access Control Lists and mechanisms to prevent IP spoofing, illegal DHCP servers, and worm propagation. In addition, it offers Layer 3 IP v4 and v6 Static Routing to increase network performance and security, and can be part of the Microsoft NAP's ecosystem to protect the health of the network.

Built-in D-Link ZoneDefense(TM) technology allows businesses to integrate the switch stack with D-Link NetDefend(TM) firewalls to implement a full coverage, proactive security architecture.

To solve the challenge and cost of running power to difficult-to- reach locations, the DGS-3436P is equipped with 24 10/100/1000 BASE- T ports that support the IEEE 802.3af PoE protocol. The switch is designed to inject up to 15.4 watts of power per port on all 24 ports for a total of up to 370 watts of available power to support IP phones, access points, network cameras, and more. For D-Link devices that are not 802.3af compliant, the D-Link DWL-P50 PoE adapter can be used to supply power to the device making it fully compatible with any 802.3af compliant switch.

"The xStack DGS-3426P delivers performance, flexibility, security, multi-layer Quality of Service (QoS), PoE conveniences and redundant power options that are ideal for SMBs or any growing business," according to Jerry Balice, vice president of technology for D-Link Canada. "The D-Link xStack 3400 family combines the ultimate in performance with features typically found in more expensive chassis-based solutions, all at the price of a stackable switch."

Other Key Features:

--__Operates as a stand-alone device or part of a scalable stack. --__Single IP management capability is embedded. --__Optional 10-Gigabit modules can be installed in open slots to create ____uplinks or a physical stack for up to 576-Gigabit ports. --__Users can install one or two single port modules, providing up to 40 ____gigabits per second full duplex transmission on coaxial cable. --__Supports Microsoft NAP and ZoneDefense - "Health Check" mechanisms to ____ensure proper user access and prevention of malicious traffic within the ____network, without the need for manual intervention from the administrator. --__Web-based access control and MAC based access control options are ____included for clientless access authentication for mobile devices such as ____laptops or PDAs. --__802.1Q and asymmetric VLAN enhance security and performance. --__Granular L2/L3/L4 QoS/CoS features support converged applications like ____VoIP, ERP, Intranet and video conferencing. --__Multi-layer L2/L3/L4 per flow bandwidth control and D-Link's Safeguard ____Engine(TM) increases overall network serviceability, reliability and ____availability by automatically preventing broadcast packets and bulk ____traffic. ____

The D-Link DGS-3426P boasts a robust management and configuration package, including a user-friendly Web-based graphical user interface (GUI). In addition to traffic monitoring, it has Web MAC address browsing, Telnet server, TFTP client, system log and trap/ alarm/log severity control, among others.

Pricing and Availability

The DGS-3426P is available through D-Link Network's solution provider channels, distributors and by directly contacting the headquarters sales staff. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (Canadian MSRP) is $5,106.

About D-Link

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