July 22, 2008

211(Me)’s Mobile Flyers Get the Word Out for Nightclubs

News Facts

-- 211(me) dives head first into the nightclub scene, working with venues to quickly get the word out via mobile flyers for events, promotions and other specials.

-- With 211(me)'s mobile media services, bars and nightclubs, such as Spy Bar Chicago and Gypsy Bar in Boston, can create personalized mobile mash-ups of photos, text and hyperlinks all wrapped up to reflect its customized style.

-- 211(me)'s new Mob capability was created to reach a "mob" of people. Venues can establish a mobile code to instruct clientele to opt-in and proactively receive messages when they become available.

-- Unlike boring standard text messages which contain 160 characters and do not have the capability to include rich media or hyperlinked content, mobile flyers allow bars and nightclubs to quickly and easily custom-make each mobile flyer to reflect its own image.

-- Hyperlinked, actionable content provides customers with an opportunity to discover more information about the venue to pass on to their friends, increasing Web traffic while helping to promote the venue and get the word out about upcoming events.

-- Mobile flyers allow nightclubs to participate in 211(me)'s green initiative by providing an eco-friendly, paperless alternative to traditional paper flyers.

Quote, attributable to Robert DeFranco, CEO and Co-founder, 211(me)

"Nightlife moves fast and marketing efforts need to be able to adapt to that. It is hard to motivate people to come out every night you have your doors open. 211(me) provides a free way to mold your message, with images and links on your own, and get it in the hands of your target audience on the spot. Ultimately, this should get more people through your doors and at your bar."

Quote, attributable to Julie Salickram, Director, Marketing & (Me)dia, 211(me)

"Mobile flyers versus standard text messages is the difference between putting a hot girl on a flyer versus an ugly girl. Which do you think will grab more attention -- 160 characters or visually stimulating content that is easily shared, posted and actionable? Nightclubs often have a need for last-minute marketing and 211(me)'s mobile service is a perfect solution to reach club goers at any hour."

Quote, attributable to George Gardiakos, Owner, Spy Bar

"Having just renovated and re-launched the club, we've had a steady stream of great performances and promotions in place to attract customers. Using 211(me)'s mobile flyers, we've been able to generate a ton of buzz, providing customers with updates on who's spinning each night and what the theme of the night is, which they can then pass on to their friends. It's also been a great tool to drive traffic to our new website."

Quote, attributable to Kevin Troy, Owner, Gypsy Bar

"With 211(me) we're able to build out our database of Gypsy Bar customers who have elected to receive our mobile flyers. Our InTheKnow club offers patrons the opportunity to be the first to know the next celebrity or world-class DJ that will be appearing at the club, giving them the inside scoop. Having links to our website, social networking sites and the sites of our next big star helps involve our patrons and keep them loyal to us. Plus the ability for them to virally market us is a huge bonus!"

About 211(me)

211(me) is the personalized mobile mash-up company that allows anyone to put digital photos, messages and links into their own personalized look to share across mobile, email and the web. Its unique mobile content system is available for use direct to consumers as well as to web and mobile social networks. The 211(me) Green & Green Premium products allow users to easily share business contact information with important people while saving time, money and paper. For more information, visit www.211me.com.

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