July 23, 2008

Mindware and Wyse Technology Launch ‘EarthSmart Computing’ Initiative

Mindware and Wyse Technology launch 'EarthSmart Computing' initiative

'Thin computing' campaign to drive awareness on energy consumption and eWaste issues in the Middle East

Mindware, a leading IT distributor in the Middle East, and Wyse Technology, the global leader in 'thin computing', have partnered to launch the 'EarthSmart Computing' initiative in the Middle East. The campaign is aimed at driving awareness on energy consumption and eWaste issues amidst the large-scale clamour for environmentally safe business practices in the region. In line with this, Mindware aims to expand the market for Wyse Technologies' 'thin computers', which have been designed to consume less energy and reduce the carbon footprint compared to a standard PC.

With worldwide expertise in delivering the hardware, infrastructure, software and services that support 'thin computing', Wyse Technologies has pioneered the 'EarthSmart Computing' initiative to allow people easier access to information using the applications they require, but with better security, manageability, and at a much lower total cost of ownership than a PC. As the leading distributor for the global company in the Middle East, Mindware will highlight the technology's eco-friendly benefits, which also include lower expenditures in air conditioning to cool PCs, reduced CO2 emissions and less eWaste production.

"A big part of the solution to the problems of climate change and energy usage will be technological innovations, and as an environmentally-concerned corporate citizen with a dedicated focus on growing our business, we have identified the outstanding potential of Wyse Technologies' 'EarthSmart Computing' initiative in the region," said Sanjeev Menon, Wyse Product Manager, Mindware. "Our strategy is to underscore the benefits of this new breed of IT solution, which does not only address operation, reliability, performance and usability requirements, but more importantly initiates preliminary steps to reduce environment pollutants."

In addition to environmental and administrative costs advantages, the 'EarthSmart Computing' initiative also seeks to encourage users to become 'thin clients' who can benefit from 'thin computer's' Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, which eliminates the need for a separate power outlet for energy supply. In addition, Wyse Technologies is also currently working on developing a 'zero-client computing' model, which will further provide a more energy efficient device with no local operating system or applications, yet capable of delivering a full PC experience to the user. Mindware's involvement in this cause will focus on the utilisation of its widespread network to educate consumers on the latest eco-friendly computing technology in the market.

"The massive role information technology is playing in the global economy has given it a considerable weight to act as a catalyst to initiate significant changes in the current environmental situation we are facing. As the power of the IT sector strengthens, our aim is to leverage innovative technologies to create long-term sustainable energy solutions without compromising the functionality of our products. We seek to encourage as many individuals and organisations to adopt 'thin computing' as a vital part of their operations," concluded Nehme Mouchantaf, Networking and Solutions Department Manager, Mindware. 2008 Al Bawaba (www.albawaba.com)

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