July 23, 2008

IIJ Develops Proprietary Video Distribution Server Software for Digital TV

Internet Initiative Japan has announced the development of proprietary video distribution server software specifically designed for digital television, and the release of a high-resolution content distribution platform for the acTVila digital television portal site that will debut in August, 2008.

According to the company, the acTVila Video Full service is an HD-quality streaming video distribution service that requires four to six times the bandwidth and server resources needed for traditional PC distribution.

According to Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ), this server software is ideal for the streaming distribution of high-resolution content, and is slated to be used for the download distribution service that acTVila is scheduled to release.

The recent development is expected to lower the estimated cost of server software by 75% or more over the next one to two years. The company is also considering providing this video distribution server software to corporate customers in the future.