July 23, 2008

Altium Capital Deploys Exponential-E Next-Generation-Network

Exponential-e, a UK-based provider of ethernet solutions, has deployed a VPLS-enabled next-generation-network for Altium Capital, a pan-European investment-banking group.

The nationwide solution replaces a patchwork of legacy technologies and meets the customer's need for a service-oriented network with guaranteed quality of service, capable of scaling with the company as it expands.

Altium Capital now benefit from a four-site VPLS wide-area-network. Their new VPLS cloud gives a simple-to-manage ethernet interface throughout a LAN-like WAN and allows new services and new sites to be quickly and easily introduced on a plug and play basis.

The layer 2 network is switched, rather than routed, putting Altium Capital in direct control and enabling them to make changes to their own network as and when they want. Being protocol-agnostic, all protocols and suitable customer premise equipment can be easily accommodated.

The total solution includes Powerserve internet, Exponential-e's high-performance business-grade Internet service. The advantage to Altium is that the company can advertise its services to the outside world via multiple ISPs without having to manage each one directly.

Exponential-e's unique and proprietary routing and traffic distribution algorithm manages and optimizes Exponential-e's multiple tier 1 transit providers and several hundred peering relationships to ensure traffic takes the fastest possible routes across the Internet at every second of the day.