July 23, 2008

NewVa Corridor Technology Council to Host Technology Expo

The NewVa Corridor Technology Council ("NCTC") announced today that it will be hosting the NewVA Technology Expo on September 5, 2008 at the Roanoke Civic Center, in Roanoke, Virginia. The event will showcase a variety of both small and large technology companies located in the region that includes Roanoke, Blacksburg and surrounding communities known as the NewVA region of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The NewVA region is home to a diverse and thriving technology and entrepreneurial community, with businesses specializing in the fields of biology, chemistry, nano-technology, materials science, autonomous navigation, software engineering, bio-informatics, fiber optics, water purification, aerospace, and information technology, among other disciplines. Last year, three companies from the NewVA region won R&D 100 awards from R&D Magazine. The NewVA region is also home to Virginia Tech, one of the nation's premier research universities.

The NewVA Tech Expo will be hosted by the NCTC, a non-profit membership organization that assists, connects, and promotes technology companies located in the NewVA region, and represents 170 member companies and organizations.

"The NewVA region is one of Virginia's best kept secrets. The area has a great quality of life and a growing entrepreneurial technology community for today's knowledge workers" stated Neil Wilkin, President of the NCTC, and President and CEO of Optical Cable Corporation. "The NewVA Technology Expo is another opportunity to see what technology companies in the NewVA region have to offer," stated Mr. Wilkin.

Cory Donovan, Executive Director of the NCTC, relocated from the Washington, D.C. area a few years ago. "This is a great time to be living in Southwest Virginia, earn a good living and enjoy a high quality of life. Eighty-two percent of the jobs created in the New River Valley last year were technology jobs. So, the opportunity to have it all is here--in the NewVA region!" stated Mr. Donovan.

Directly following the NewVa Tech Expo, the City of Roanoke will host a pep rally at the Roanoke Civic Center for the Virginia Tech football team, which plays its first home game the following day. Admission to both the pep rally and NewVA Tech Expo is free.

Mr. Wilkin added, "I would encourage Virginia Tech alumni and other visitors attending the Virginia Tech football pep rally to visit Tech Expo and learn about employment, partnership, and investment opportunities with the technology innovators in the NewVA region."

For more information about NewVa Technology Expo visit www.TheTechnologyCouncil.com/TechExpo.

About the NewVa Corridor Technology Council

The NewVa Corridor Technology Council ("NCTC") champions the interests of technology-based businesses in the NewVa region of the Commonwealth of Virginia, which includes Roanoke, Blacksburg and surrounding communities in Southwest Virginia. A member-driven organization, the NCTC's mission is to serve and promote the technology industry for the purpose of driving prosperity in the NewVa region and to champion a climate for the sustainable success of technology-based businesses in the region.

NCTC's members range from emerging technology businesses to some of the largest businesses in the NewVa region, from educational institutions to local governments, as well as other organizations interested in promoting a vibrant technology community in the region. The NCTC is a not-for-profit organization and is funded through the support of its members and sponsors.

Further information about the NewVa Corridor Technology Council is available on the World Wide Web at www.thetechnologycouncil.com.