July 24, 2008

Uber New One-Step Publishing Toolset Brings Web Publishing to the Masses

Uber (www.uber.com), announced today the release of a new "One-Step Publishing" toolset. Uber's easy to use, One-Step Publishing tools help anyone make good-looking photo galleries, slideshows and even complete Web sites in minutes. The new toolset furthers Uber's commitment to publishing the world, one idea and one person at a time by allowing everyone, from amateur to professional, to focus on what really counts - their creativity.

Additionally, the company has announced today that it is a launch partner for Facebook Connect. Uber and its new One-Step Publishing toolset will provide Facebook users an easy to use self-expression platform combined with Facebook's powerful friend network. Uber complements Facebook by allowing users to fully customize the look and feel of popular Facebook features such as photo galleries and videos in a secure and personalized environment. With Facebook Connect, Uber's media storage and authoring tools are fully integrated with Facebook, empowering Uber users to have access to their existing images and videos, as well as their Facebook friend network to use as a powerful distribution platform.

"Uber's new One-Step Publishing Toolset and Facebook Connect offer users the best of both worlds," said Scott Sassa, CEO and co-founder of Uber. "Uber's toolset provides a new level of creative expression that Facebook users can now effortlessly share with their network of Facebook friends. This is a perfect example of Facebook Connect's potential to bring value to users."

Uber co-founder and accomplished visual artist Glenn Kaino added, "We are providing a quick and easy way for users to express their true voice and share their stories among a creative community of users, which includes some of the most influential names in fashion, art, music, photography and social activism."

Facebook Connect and One-Step Publishing are two examples of how Uber is raising the bar for web publishing while leveling the playing field for anyone seeking to create a professional, good-looking site. Through customized Web pages and skillfully-designed templates, Uber Publishing offers users immediate gratification and limitless self-expression possibilities for everyone - from the beginner to the most technical and design-savvy.

About Uber

Uber's mission is to unleash people's full creative potential through tools that facilitate self-expression. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Uber (www.uber.com) was co-founded by Scott Sassa and Glenn Kaino and is the easiest and most robust toolset for uploading, organizing and sharing content on the Web. Uber is leveling the playing field for professionals and amateurs by removing technical hurdles and empowering people to create beautiful, rich-media Web sites. Uber curates a robust portfolio of talented contributors into meaningful, compelling and aesthetically appealing destinations with tools for participation, discourse and connection among an engaged and passionate audience.