July 24, 2008

Olympic Scale

China's national TV network has selected WebTrends Inc., a leading provider of web analytics and online marketing solutions, to generate insight about visitors across multiple web channels during the 2008 Olympic Games.

China Central TV (CCTV) will use WebTrends Analytics, the online marketing industry's most powerful and flexible online analytics solution, to uncover visitor trends across multimedia and other web content on CCTV.com, the network's official web site. This insight will then be used to customize content for hundreds of millions of Chinese Internet users throughout the Olympics. For example, track and field enthusiasts can be notified of upcoming races, while basketball fans receive highlight reels of that day's best three-point shots or slam dunks.

"The sophisticated analysis and reports offered by WebTrends are essential when you're trying to optimize online content across multiple forms of online media for audiences on such a massive scale," according to an official statement from CCTV.com. "WebTrends Analytics will improve customer satisfaction on CCTV.com by making the Olympics more relevant and personal for hundreds of millions of people."

WebTrends Analytics will track online video and other content during CCTV.com's more than 3,800 hours of live Olympics webcasts and more than 20,000 additional hours of news, replays and video-on-demand programs within the mainland of China and Macau. System Consulting & Services (Ronghai) Co., Ltd. will provide professional onsite services for the WebTrends solution.

"WebTrends Analytics is the ideal online analysis solution for the world's largest sporting event, in the world's most populous country," said Dan Stickel, CEO of WebTrends Inc. "The power and flexibility of WebTrends Analytics helps publishers optimize their web sites at virtually any scale, and track visitors across virtually any form of online media, including video and mobile devices."

This is the third Olympics that broadcasters have relied on WebTrends technology to help optimize online content on a massive scale. Hundreds of local NBC network TV affiliates around the United States used WebTrends Analytics to analyze their online traffic during the 2004 Summer Games in Athens, Greece, and the 2006 Winter Games in Turin, Italy.

About WebTrends Inc.

WebTrends provides web analytics and online marketing solutions to optimize marketing campaigns and customer engagement. WebTrends Marketing Lab delivers the industry's most recognized analytics, search engine marketing (SEM) and visitor intelligence solutions to enable companies to understand their customers, drive customer engagement and enhance marketing and brand awareness. Thousands of leading global organizations, including General Mills, Microsoft, Reuters and Ticketmaster have chosen WebTrends business solutions and client services expertise to optimize their marketing initiatives.

For more information, visit: www.webtrends.com.

About System Consulting & Services (Ronghai) Co., Ltd.

System Consulting & Services (Ronghai) Co., Ltd. (Ronghai Consulting) is a software and services provider focused on China's domestic market. We specialize in providing high quality professional services on product support, marketing and sales development to customers and vendors who use or produce enterprise or high-end software. Ronghai Consulting is headquartered in Beijing and has branch offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'An and Hong Kong. We are currently in a strategic cooperating relationship with IBM, Oracle/BEA, NetIQ, WebTrends, Gomez, Nominum, HP/Mercury etc.

About CCTV.com

Based on CCTV's powerful resources, CCTV.com is an integrated Internet media provider that delivers customers news, information, entertainment and services. It is an inseparable part of the multimedia broadcast of CCTV and other leading media on important news and events in China.