July 24, 2008

New Application Built on Facebook(R) Platform Offers New TV Experience!

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 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ----- Quick Facts About tvClickr - LiveHive Systems extends its interactive entertainment platform to   Facebook with its tvClickr application. - Facebook users can install the application by going to   http://apps.facebook.com/tvclickr/. - Viewers can participate during prime time every night - People play along live by answering a steady stream of prediction, trivia   and polling questions, such as 'Which House Guest will win HOH?' or 'Whose   performance did you think was the best?' - Players chat and compete for points as they answer correctly, and earn   awards as the season progresses. - Users are grouped together based on their social friend network,   intensifying the overall community and competition experience. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

For TV fans who are into shows like American Gladiators, So You Think You Can Dance, Big Brother, and WWE Friday Night Smackdown, the tvClickr(TM) application launched recently represents a brand new viewing experience. It lets Facebook users interact with TV and each other in real-time while watching the live action. This is a first.

To play, users of Facebook - a social utility that helps people communicate and share information efficiently - install the tvClickr application developed by LiveHive Systems. Then they play along with prime-time TV shows, making predictions, answering trivia questions, responding to polls, chatting with other fans, and more. As viewers play along and answer correctly, they gain points and move to different levels of achievement.

"There are other destinations on the Web where TV fans can access editorial, spoilers, and show information, but something like this has never been done before," says Dave Bullock, President of LiveHive Systems. "tvClickr lets them play along with whatever they're watching, and they do it LIVE. Young viewers crave social interaction with everything they do, and that includes watching television. Facebook provides the perfect destination to tie viewers and their friends directly into prime-time TV in a fun, engaging and social way that spurs competition. This will definitely change how people watch TV."

The list of prime-time shows is the creme de la creme of what's hot on TV. They include:

 - American Gladiators - America's Got Talent - Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? - Big Brother 10 - Canadian Idol - Cops - Dog The Bounty Hunter - Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - High School Musical - Intervention - Last Comic Standing - Monday Night RAW - Nashville Star - Numb3rs - So You Think You Can Dance? - Trading Spaces - Wanna Bet - WWE Friday Night Smackdown! - Prime-time sporting events, including marquee matchups, key playoff games,   and all-star competitions. 

LiveHive Systems is a pioneer in interactive television, delivering branded interactive solutions to the biggest and best TV networks, including ESPN, NBC, and Turner Sports. Its NanoGaming technology has powered social interaction with award shows, reality TV shows, and live sports telecasts, such as the ESPN's Monday Night Football, the NBA Finals, as well as CFL, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, and Mixed Martial Arts. tvClickr is an extension of this portfolio which allows viewers to play along with all the best prime-time shows on TV, in one spot, in the highly social Facebook platform.

For more information on tvClickr go to www.tvclickr.com.

- Facebook(R) is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.

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