July 25, 2008

Chile – Key Statistics Regulatory Overview and Fixed Network Markets Out Now

Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/e28199/chile_key_statis) has announced the addition of the "Chile - Key Statistics Regulatory Overview and Fixed Network Markets" report to their offering.

Chile is often portrayed as a role model by the international business community, especially for its adoption of progressive social policies together with a competitive free market system. Despite a number of still-unresolved problems, we find this promising picture reflected in the telecoms scenario. Chile's telecom market is the most mature in Latin America, with a state-of-the-art infrastructure and a sound regulatory framework. Telefonica Chile operates the largest fibre optic network in the country, with digital satellite and microwave links. Entel operates a nationwide trunk network using a microwave system and an NGN-IP platform. Telmex Chile has upgraded its fibre optic infrastructure with IP/MPLS and NGN technology. Nevertheless, despite impressive mobile and broadband penetration figures, Chile's fixed line teledensity is only about average for Latin America and has been stagnant or even shrinking since 1999. In this report, we review Chile's telecom infrastructure and regulatory developments, we take a look at all major and some minor fixed-line operators, and we provide relevant statistics and analyses.

 Key Topics Covered:  1. Synopsis 2. Key statistics 3. Telecommunications market 3.1 Overview of Chile's telecom market 4. Regulatory environment 4.1 Regulatory authorities 4.1.1 Subtel 4.1.2 Free competition authorities 4.1.3 Telecommunications Development Fund 4.1.4 Rural and community projects 4.2 Privatisation 4.3 Telecom sector liberalisation in Chile 4.3.1 Telecommunications Law 1982 4.3.2 Multicarrier Law 1994 4.4 Tariffs 4.5 Number portability 4.6 Access 4.7 Interconnect 4.8 New regulatory developments 5. Telecom network operators in Chile 5.1 Overview of operators 5.1.1 Local telephony 5.1.2 Long-distance telephony 5.2 Telefonica Chile 5.3 Entel Chile 5.4 VTR Globalcom 5.5 Telefonica del Sur (Telsur) 5.6 Telmex Chile 5.7 GTD Manquehue 6. Telecommunications infrastructure 6.1 National telecom networks 6.2 International infrastructure 6.2.1 Submarine cable networks 6.2.2 Satellite networks 6.3 Infrastructure developments 6.3.1 IP and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) 6.3.2 Wireless Local Loop (WLL) 7. Related reports Tables 

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