July 28, 2008

3jane Gives Makeoutclub a Makeover

3jane, a leading new media design and services firm, today announced the relaunch of Makeoutclub (MOC), a social networking community dedicated to the underground music scene. Founded in 2000, MOC is arguably the first social networking site in existence, enabling individuals that are part of the hardcore, emo and indie music world to meet, flirt with and date other like-minded people, as well as keep current on the latest happenings in the music industry through the site's news blog.

With this launch, MOC includes new features that improve user navigation and interaction, including a 'My MOC' control panel, Crush Lists, friend activity feed and 'people you should know' section. All of the enhancements are designed to help members meet and communicate more easily, as well as find significant others who have similar interests.

My MOC provides a bird's eye view of a member's profile, including inbox, photo and video galleries, blog and friend list. With My MOC, users now have a central portal to manage their account as well as keep tabs on their connections and crushes. It also contains a friend feed that includes who is online and their recent MOC activity. In addition, the 'people you should know' section provides a selection of other MOC members that users may want to check out based on their location and interests. The revamped site also includes a new Crush List feature, enabling members to secretly 'crush' another person. Crushes are only revealed when two people have 'crushed' each other, providing a flirty, fun way for members to express their feelings.

"Today's revamp of Makeoutclub provides new features for members to find and connect with others who have similar interests," said Gibby Miller, director of product development at 3jane. "When I launched the site eight years ago I was aiming to bring people together to form bands, play music and share photographs and art with those that appreciate and relate to their passions. Makeoutclub has grown leaps and bounds since then and now serves as a music news and community site, allowing members to keep track of the industry, their friends and romantic interests at a single destination."

Unlike other social networking sites that serve a variety of demographics and lack a defined user base, MOC is a place where young trendsetters can go to find out about the hottest bands, and each other, without having to wade through irrelevant material and people. To join Makeoutclub, please visit www.makeoutclub.com.

About 3jane

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