July 28, 2008

Slingpage Announces Full Support for Firefox

Slingpage today announced the release of its innovative social browsing application for Firefox. Previously available for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Slingpage for Firefox now provides users of the popular Web browser the ability to instantly discover and share the Web.

Slingpage helps users keep track of favorite topics and discover popular Web pages by subscribing to Slingcast feeds. These categorized content feeds sling updates directly to the desktop, as they happen. Users can choose to follow as many Slingcasts as they like and can also create their own custom feeds for friends and like-minded individuals to follow. Sharing with Slingpage is real-time and simple. With one click from the browser, users instantly share Web pages to a single friend or thousands of followers.

Slingpage aims to make the browser the most powerful social tool on the Web. The online social experience has become increasingly more fragmented as widgets, applications and walled-garden social services flourish. With Slingpage, the ability to share and discuss Web pages is integrated into the browser - the application everyone uses to experience the Web - turning the entire Web into an opportunity for social sharing.

Since announcing the open Beta of Slingpage for Internet Explorer in early June 2008, Slingpage has enjoyed strong IE user adoption and enthusiastic interest from the Firefox community. "Full support for Firefox is an important step towards realizing our vision for a ubiquitous social sharing solution," said Slingpage CTO and co-founder Ryan Stephens. "We are thrilled to extend the benefits of Slingpage to Firefox, and we look forward to improving Slingpage through the valuable insights of this loyal and socially active community."

About Slingpage

Slingpage is a free social browsing platform that empowers people to simply and instantly discover and share the Web. Slingpage evolves link sharing and bookmarking into real-time social sharing via the company's patent pending technology. Slingpage was founded in 2007. The company is based in Estero, FL with an office in Boston, MA. Slingpage is TRUSTe certified.

To start slinging, visit http://www.slingpage.com