July 28, 2008

Nimsoft Extends Monitoring to End User Experience for Web Services and Business Critical Web-Based Applications

Nimsoft, Inc., the "Big 4" alternative for IT performance and availability monitoring solutions, today announced that it has extended its flagship solution to offer real user response time in real time for Web services and Web-based applications. NimBUS Real User Monitoring (RUM) is a cost-effective appliance that collects and analyzes actual application traffic, providing quantitative and service management reports with minimum effort. IT customers will no longer have to reactively respond to anecdotal end user complaints or spend hours of arduous manual analysis to increase the performance of revenue-driving business applications.

"RUM provided quick gains for TriNet," said John Marlett, senior systems administrator for TriNet, a leader in providing HR outsourcing and consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses throughout the United States and Canada. "Previously, TriNet had been calculating performance metrics with log files from the web servers combined with other solutions, with all data being captured after the fact and not always pointing to the root cause of performance issues. With RUM, TriNet has real time and historical information that can be measured and correlated into actionable information that is more accurate and more granular than what we could compile ourselves."

NimBUS RUM passive monitoring strongly complements Nimsoft active transaction monitoring to provide a complete application performance management solution. Active monitoring collects data from repeatable, timed intervals to align service levels and assures the availability of the application at all times. Passive monitoring is measured from actual application traffic, data which is analyzed for troubleshooting performance issues and streamlining capacity planning. Together, the two solutions provide a strong synergy to validate the quality of experience for end users. NimBUS RUM is the first integration of technologies acquired from Indicative Software in April.

NimBUS RUM collects data from more than 200 health checkpoints, such as Web service metrics, transaction response times, network rates, session and page metrics, in addition to size of requests, to establish baselines and thresholds of the true user experience. NimBUS RUM analyzes the data and generates reports, which highlight heavy users, location-based bottlenecks and other useful performance level evaluations according to application, Web page and number of Web page hits. With all these diagnostics at their fingertips, IT customers have a complete end-to-end picture to proactively manage their end users' experience before they occur.

"The end user's experience is the ultimate measure of service delivery. If the end user is having difficulty interacting with the business interface, then the business risks losing that end user as a customer. The Internet as a business delivery platform has put IT under enormous pressure to be mindful of the end user experience," said Gary Read, president and CEO, Nimsoft. "As businesses begin to roll out their Web services architecture, they will need to monitor their Web applications and services in real time to avoid failure or an unacceptable customer experience. Nimsoft now offers IT customers a cost effective solution that gives them new analytical insight into the performance of end user experience and Web services with the added value of service level management."

NimBUS RUM at a Glance

 --  Non-intrusive appliance fits into the Nimsoft easy to use solution     set. --  Offers alerting, analysis and reporting to manage the service quality     of all users. --  Supports unlimited number of applications and users in all locations. --  Quantitative reports provide diagnostics and evaluations to     troubleshoot performance issues and streamline capacity planning.      

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