July 29, 2008

Expert Sitings

By Anonymous

Howard Rheingold is a writer, technology theorist, and online community builder. He cofounded the groundbreaking Web site hotWired in 1994 and is the author of numerous books, including Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution. His online home is Rheingold.com. seesmic.com

Seesmic is a fascinating, time-consuming, and amusing technology that is pioneering online threaded-video conversations. In the same manner that chat boards work, users will be able to start their own video threads and respond to others. To see a demo of what a conversation will look like when the technology goes public, visit tiil.us/seesmic/norms.


If you want to find out what's really happening in the realm of Web 2.0, the ReadWriteWeb blog should be your first stop. It provides news, reviews, and analysis on topics ranging from the future of Google's revenue stream and Facebook's operations in China to how governments should design their Web sites.


Del.icio.us helps users manage their "bookmarks," the Web pages they like most, whether they're news articles, blogs, music, recipes- whatever-and see what others like and find useful on the Web. By making your private decisions public, and allowing you to see how others feel, it creates a public good that is enormously useful.


Beat Blogging is a place where 13 reporters covering everything from NBA basketball to the pharmaceutical industry for major news organizations are attempting to build social networks around their beats to answer the question: If you take the Rolodex of a typical beat reporter and connect all the people in it, does news coverage improve?

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