July 29, 2008

ClearCube’s Phenomenal Financial Success in Q2 2008 Demonstrates Market Need for PC Blade Solutions

ClearCube Technology, the market leader in centralized computing solutions, today announced it has experienced strong recent revenue growth based on larger orders from existing customers. The financial success, along with a greatly expanded channel partner program and positive response to new ClearCube products and services, demonstrates the market need for the company's solutions.

For the quarter ended June 30, 2008, ClearCube's revenue increased by more than ten percent from the previous quarter, and over 48 percent versus the same period a year ago. In addition, the average order size increased 18 percent versus the prior quarter, and represents an impressive 78 percent increase versus the same period a year ago.

"These quarterly revenue gains, streamlining of our operating expenses, and the recent spin-off of VDIworks have all contributed to a very healthy and thriving financial outlook for ClearCube," said Randy Printz, president and chief executive officer of ClearCube. "We're particularly excited about the increased average order size. Although we continue to see many smaller orders for new pilot programs, we're also regularly receiving much larger orders for full scale enterprise deployments. We expect this trend to continue as centralized computing becomes more widely accepted and additional vendors begin to explore this market."

Among the other highlights from the second quarter of 2008:

 --  Delivery of a PC blade solution without a distance barrier: With the     general availability of the I9440 thin client, the A1410 PC blade, and     ClearCube's Sentral(TM) v5.8 management software, ClearCube customers     receive an exceptional performance from a centralized PC blade solution     without a distance barrier. ClearCube continues to develop and deliver the     industry's leading PC blade and centralized computing solutions.      --  Overwhelming presence at SIFMA conference: ClearCube witnessed     significant booth traffic while demonstrating its latest solutions at the     Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) Technology     Management Conference & Exhibit in New York. The company earned coverage on     the front page of the show's first-day show daily publication.      --  Successful spin-off of company's software business: ClearCube spun-off     its software business as a separate company, VDIworks, which now sells     comprehensive virtual desktop management software as its Virtual Desktop     Platform. ClearCube continues to leverage this award winning software and     sells it under the Sentral brand.      

About ClearCube

ClearCube is the market leader of centralized computing and virtual desktop solutions. As the pioneer of centralized desktop computing, ClearCube provides solutions that span 1:1 power users to 1:many virtualized desktop environments, integrating connection broker software, blades, access devices and professional services to give organizations full control and flexibility over end-user computing. ClearCube's Sentral(TM) VDI Management System provides clients the ability to utilize any back-end hardware or user access device for desktop virtualization. Organizations deploying ClearCube gain improved manageability, 99.9 percent availability and hardened security while reducing support costs by more than 40 percent. For more information, visit its corporate website at www.clearcube.com.

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SOURCE: ClearCube Technology