July 29, 2008

SECNAP Adds New Features to Email Security Gateway Powered By SpammerTrap

BOCA RATON, Fla., July 29 /PRNewswire/ -- SECNAP(R) Network Security Corporation today announced several new additions to its award-winning Email Security Gateway Powered by SpammerTrap(R). Continuing the company's common-sense approach to technological enhancements, the new features add convenience for both system administrators and end-users while further speeding mail filtering and delivery.

Outbound and inbound email encryption has been added to support Transport Layer Security (TLS) during the SMTP session. The encryption process is invisible to users and their recipients, and requires only that the recipient email server be TLS-compatible. Encrypted messages travel more safely over the Internet, protected from hackers and other cybercriminals.

Mailbox Based Routing(SM) (MBR) is useful for clients with multiple servers, enabling all to route email based on domain name. For example, without MBR, email addressed to [email protected] and [email protected] route through the internal administrative mail server, which then sends the tech email to the technical network server. MBR eliminates the extra step and delivers to each server based on domain.

BusinessBuddy(SM) provides users an automatic whitelist function to ensure uninterrupted email communications. Because user email addresses can acquire a "bad reputation" over time, their email may be blocked by an intended recipient's spam filter. The BusinessBuddy whitelist creates sender and recipient pairs, so that when a user sends an email the recipient address is automatically saved to their whitelist. The recipient reply is then less likely to be bounced as spam, despite reputation issues.

Other SpammerTrap enhancements include a backscatter administration page that allows administrators to specify which email servers will be entrusted to send bounces, thereby preventing backscatter (volumes of bounces from forged email addresses) from affecting the client network, and SSL Certificate import, which enables administrators to generate a Secure Server Certificate via CSR instead of using self-signed certificates that include their public keys.

These v.2 features are embedded in all new SpammerTrap products, and current clients are receiving them at no cost through a regularly scheduled system update.

Offered through the SECNAP channel partner network, the innovative Email Security Gateway Powered by SpammerTrap leads the industry in delivering legitimate email at lightning speed while foiling the cybercrime that often accompanies it. Available as an appliance or hosted solution, SpammerTrap was dubbed the "King of Spam Filters" by SC Magazine in May 2008.


SECNAP Network Security is a leading provider of network and email security solutions for organizations ranging from small businesses to global enterprises. In addition to the Email Security Gateway Powered by SpammerTrap, the company's innovative solutions include HackerTrap(TM), a patent-pending managed network security system that protects client information assets, as well as expert Testing and Auditing services. SECNAP was one of just 10 companies, including Microsoft and SonicWALL, to be recognized for shaping information security in 2008 by Info Security Products Guide. For more information visit http://www.secnap.com/ .

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