July 29, 2008

Cyberhand Ends Prototype Stage for Black Widow Controller

Cyberhand Technologies International Inc. (PINKSHEETS: CYHA), a design, marketing and distribution company providing new consumer electronic technologies using innovative ergonomic designs, has announced that it has moved from the prototyping and design phase to the new pre-production status. The steel molds, once built, will allow the production of over 750,000 complete turns of the plastic components that make up the first Black Widow and allow the company to make over 1,000 units a day of the initial model. These high pressure injection molds will move Cyberhand to a world-class manufacturer status and give the Black Widow unmatched quality, playability and product durability. The company intends to produce the fastest, most comfortable, highest quality and best backed pointing devices in the industry today.

"We are moving to full production status and high quality plastic production is just the first step in the process of putting our controller on the shelves for Christmas. Wait for us. We will be there for you to gift wrap and give that special someone the gaming abilities they never dreamed possible. The new Controller allows you to fight harder, move faster, dodge at lightning speed, play for hours without fatigue or pain and crush your opponents. You will be able to design faster, connect pieces easier and relax while you do complex on-screen tasks like you have never experienced them before. At Cyberhand, the future is coming to a store near you. Look for the Black Widow to help change your digital world and help you fight your way to the top!" said Patrick Burke, Inventor at Cyberhand Technologies International Inc.

About Cyberhand Robotics

Cyberhand Robotics Corporation, a subsidiary of Cyberhand Technologies International Inc., is a new Company that consists of all the technology and intellectual property related to the development of an Ergonomic Computer Mouse and a line of Computer Game Controllers. A unique feature of the Ergonomic Computer Mouse is its ability to eliminate computer-related repetitive stress injuries (RSI) such as carpal tunnel syndrome. The Computer Game Controllers integrate hand movement which, in turn, permit a variety of control functions to be performed by a single left or right handed operation resulting in a significant increase in response times over competing products, making it the fastest, most intelligent, and most comfortable first person shooter controller on the market. In the gaming world, where split second timing and agility determine the winners and losers, the Company's game controllers place users at the top of any game as they are 40% more responsive than competitor products. The markets for the Company's products are huge, consisting of the Computer Peripheral market with over 1,000,000,000 users worldwide and the Computer Gaming Peripherals market, estimated at $6 billion in the U.S. alone, with this market growing at the rate of 34% per year.

For more information about Cyberhand Technologies International Inc. or Cyberhand Robotics see the following website links: www.cyberhand.com or www.cyberhandrobotics.com.

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