July 30, 2008

MyPerfectCreditCard.Com Offers Advice to Help Consumers Protect Their Credit Score.

CHICAGO, July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- This week, a new site launched to help consumers find the best credit card choice for them based on the probability they will get the card they want. The site, MyPerfectCreditCard.com, uses an innovative CreditCardFinder to match consumers with the card they most likely will be approved to receive, saving time as well as their credit score.

Unknown to most consumers is that a person's credit score can be hurt when they are denied for a credit card. By using the CreditCardFinder to choose the card for which they will most likely be approved to receive, MyPerfectCreditCard.com gives the consumer more control over the approval process, taking some of the mystery out of what can be a time-consuming and stressful process.

MyPerfectCreditCard.com offers all the major brands and issuing banks to their visitors, with over 150 different products available. But it is the exclusive CreditCardFinder that makes the site truly different.

"MyPerfectCreditCard.com gives our visitors an easy way to make an educated decision about the credit card application process. By using our CreditCardFinder, consumers will be able to better protect their credit score by applying only for the cards they are likely to be approved to receive. This is very important in today's tough economy, where a change to their credit score can hurt other financial relationships the consumer may have without them knowing it," said Roman Dzadzic, one of MyPerfectCreditCard.com's founders.

The CreditCardFinder asks a few questions of the consumer and instantly provides recommendations. The questions are not personally identifiable, so the consumer's identity is never requested, maintaining the utmost security and privacy. MyPerfectCreditCard.com does not accept credit card advertising to be completely unbiased, always making sure every visitor's stated needs and best interests are driving their recommendations.

MyPerfectCreditCard.com is the most recent site from Consumer Knowledge Network, dedicated to helping consumers "know the deal" about the products and services they want.

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