July 30, 2008

MatrikonOPC Client for ODBC

EDMONTON, July 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- MatrikonOPC(TM) is pleased to announce the release of the MatrikonOPC Client for ODBC. This fully OPC Compliant Client requires no prior SQL experience to exchange process data between OPC and ODBC enabled databases. Connecting relational databases to manufacturing control systems has never been easier.

Unlike other ODBC products on the market today, the MatrikonOPC Client for ODBC not only logs process data to your preferred database, but also writes from a relational database to control systems. Being fully compliant with the latest OPC specifications, this OPC Client effortlessly connects to any OPC Server.

   MatrikonOPC Client for ODBC Features and Benefits:     -  Log process values from an OPC server to an ODBC database.     -  Populates an OPC Server with data from an ODBC database.     -  Provides support for ODBC compliant databases such as Microsoft        Access, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Sybase, etc.     -  Software may be dynamically configured while online.     -  SQL statements may be executed directly from the graphical user        interface to aid in testing and configuration.     -  Advanced users will appreciate the powerful custom ODBC queries.     -  Can run silently in the background as a Windows NT Service.     -  User-readable XML configuration file.     -  Leverage SQL knowledge along with the unique OPC variable syntax to        create complex OPC-database communication.   
To learn more about the MatrikonOPC Client for ODBC, or to explore the download, please navigate to: http://matrikonopc.com/products/opc-archiving/opc-client-for-odbc.aspx

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