July 30, 2008

National LambdaRail to Provide Optical Network Services to the Global Environment for Network Innovations

National LambdaRail, Inc. (NLR) and BBN Technologies (BBN) announced today that NLR will provide strategic optical services on its national optical infrastructure to support the Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI) Project Office (GPO), located at BBN, to build and test prototypes of the GENI system.

NLR is providing up to 30 Gbps of capacity on three different networks on NLR infrastructure. At layer 2, NLR and Cisco are providing nondedicated prototype abilities on two unique network infrastructures; FrameNet and CWave. NLR's FrameNet will support up to 10 Gbps of nondedicated configurable Virtual Private Network services to GENI's Development and Prototyping engineering teams. Cisco's CWave will provide up to an additional 10 Gbps on a breakable, configurable MPLS network - a unique opportunity for teams to test prototype software on a national infrastructure.

The bandwidth will be used by teams of subcontractors working with BBN to test components of GENI. BBN is currently negotiating with potential subcontractors who responded to the GPO's solicitation earlier this year and expects to announce the subcontracts shortly.

"NLR was created to provide configurable, flexible infrastructure for bleeding-edge activities like GENI," said Tom West, CEO, NLR. "GENI's engineering teams will find just what they need in the variety of network services available via NLR - at Layer 2's FrameNet and CWave and at Layer 3's PacketNet. NLR, Cisco and NLR Regional Optical Network members are looking forward to working with GENI teams to accelerate the next-generation platform for experimentation in distributed systems and networking."

Chip Elliott, project director, GPO, noted, "We are intensely grateful to NLR for this support of the GENI effort. One of our challenges in testing prototypes for GENI was how to link together engineering teams in different parts of the United States when they were experimenting with non-Internet technologies. NLR's participation is an important contribution to solving that problem."

About National LambdaRail National LambdaRail, Inc. (NLR) is a major initiative of U.S. research universities and private sector technology companies to provide a national scale infrastructure for research and experimentation in networking technologies and applications. NLR puts the control, the power and the promise of experimental network infrastructure in the hands of our nation's scientists and researchers. Visit http://www.nlr.net for more information.

About GENI and the GENI Project Office GENI, the Global Environment for Network Innovations, is envisioned as a national resource for experiments on a wide variety of advanced research in communications, networking, distributed systems, cyber-security, and networked services and applications. It is sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

GENI will afford the research community the opportunity to try out novel ideas and clean-slate designs on a large-scale real-world environment with real user populations. The GENI Project Office, which is based at BBN Technologies, is responsible for project management and design of the GENI facility. Visit www.geni.net for more information.

About BBN Technologies

BBN Technologies is a legendary R&D organization that leverages its substantial intellectual property portfolio to produce advanced, repeatable solutions such as the Boomerang shooter detection system. With expertise spanning information security, speech and language processing, networking, distributed systems, and sensing and control systems, BBN scientists and engineers have amassed a substantial collection of innovations and patented solutions. BBN now employs over 700 people in seven locations in the US: Cambridge, Massachusetts (headquarters); Arlington, Virginia; Columbia, Maryland; Middletown, Rhode Island; San Diego, California; St. Louis Park, Minnesota; and O'Fallon, Illinois. For more information, visit www.bbn.com.