July 30, 2008

IBM Expands Data Protection Software Portfolio

IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced a new suite of integrated data protection solutions designed to help customers of all sizes deal with ever-increasing volumes of information and increased pressure to retain and rapidly recover data to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

According to IDC, 161 exabytes of digital content was created, captured, or replicated in 2006 -- enough data to stack books from the earth to the moon a dozen times -- and the number is expected to multiply by 11 times to 1,800 exabytes by 2011.[1]

IBM's new Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack software -- the first new products resulting from IBM's recent acquisition of FilesX -- can provide customers with improved business continuity and comprehensive recovery of data and applications, as well as the ability to address compliance across customer data centers and remote offices. Part of IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager line, the new software expands IBM's existing enterprise data protection solutions with new capabilities to help protect data that resides outside managed servers, on remote networks.

"The explosion of data coupled with increasing compliance requirements is driving the need for customers of all sizes to retain, protect and recover information," said Kelly Beavers, director, IBM storage software. "These new solutions complement our existing data protection software portfolio by offering backup and recovery features tailored for remote office and mid-market customers."

"As an information technology provider, we require a data protection solution that will help ensure business continuity while also providing us the ability to retain and quickly recover customer information," said Jason Waldrop, CEO, CWPS. "IBM's new offerings provide a comprehensive data protection solution that will help us secure our own business data, as well as, provide disaster recovery services for our customers."

The new products deliver continuous data protection and near-instant recovery of applications, databases, and file servers:

 --  IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack for continuous data protection and     near-instant recovery technology for Windows file servers and applications     including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Lotus Domino, Oracle, DB2 and     others. The software provides data protection and recovery for applications     in data centers or remote branch offices, enterprises and small business     customers. Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack can eliminate backup windows by     continuously capturing data changes at the block level with minimal impact     to the systems it protects. Its policy-based approach to data protection     allows administrators to improve recovery service levels -- specifically     Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) on a per-     application basis. Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack also provides a nearly     instantaneous restore capability that enables applications to be up and     running within minutes after data recovery is initiated, while data     recovery is performed in the background.      --  IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack for Microsoft Exchange for quick     and easy restore of individual Exchange objects such as e-mail messages and     attachments, contact lists, calendars, tasks and journal entries. Tivoli     Storage Manager FastBack for Microsoft Exchange uses an intuitive interface     which can reduce downtime and improve productivity.      --  IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack for Bare Machine Recovery to help     users easily recover entire systems to a comparable server, to a new server     with different hardware or to a virtual machine. Tivoli Storage Manager     FastBack for Bare Machine Recovery provides customers with a tool for     performing server migrations, and offers a highly cost-effective business     resilience solution for remote branch offices.      --  IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack Center which combines the three     Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack products into a single, convenient package.      

"IBM's rapid integration of the FilesX solutions illustrates the complementary nature of both companies' data protection solutions," said Lauren Whitehouse, analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. "With the FilesX acquisition, IBM saw an opportunity to expand its enterprise data protection portfolio to include remote offices and target the mid-market. With the new products announced today, IBM now offers a more comprehensive suite of products that address protection and recovery needs of SMB and enterprise customers."

The new, enterprise-level continuous data protection capabilities complement IBM's existing file-based software called IBM Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files, which is targeted at SMB customers as well as laptop and desktop users.

IBM System Storage DS4000 and IBM System Storage DS3000 select models have been added to the suite of storage products intended to integrate with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack to provide SMB customers with comprehensive data recovery and business continuity solutions.

The new IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack solutions will be available August 15, 2008.

For more information on the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager family, visit http://www-306.ibm.com/software/tivoli/products/storage-mgr/

[1] Source: IDC: The Diverse and Exploding Digital Universe: An Updated Forecast of Worldwide Information Growth Through 2011, March 2008.

 Contact: Meredith Hannon IBM 512-691-3031 [email protected]