July 30, 2008

New Website Makes Summer Activity Planning Easier

It's easy to book flights and hotels on the Internet as there are plenty of websites to choose from. Finding and booking other activities such as boat tours, fishing trips, RV rentals or scuba dive packages usually requires a great deal of manual searching and phone calls to find a suitable business, check availability and secure a reservation for a time that fits your travel plans.

WebReserv.com, a new online booking website, has made it much easier to find and book recreational activities on the net. Unlike websites such as Craigslist or Yahoo! Local, WebReserv.com provides instant availability and pricing information for each business and service and it allows customers to make reservations right away.

In addition to recreational activities, the WebReserv.com provides listings for bed & breakfasts, vacation rentals, limousines and many other local businesses. The website has experienced a tremendous growth since its launch in 2006. "Most people use Google or Yahoo! to find businesses, but you usually have to call or email just to find out that the service or activity you are looking for is sold out. With WebReserv.com you can immediately check availability and pricing for your RV rental, skydive, jet ski rental or whatever activity you are looking for," says Martin Israelsen, Chief Technology Officer at WebReserv.com.

WebReserv.com was launched in 2006 and provides bookings for a wide range of businesses. The European site, WebReserv.eu, was launched in June of 2008 and provides booking services for the European market.

About WebReserv.com

WebReserv.com (http://www.webreserv.com) offers the most flexible and easy-to-use Internet-based general purpose booking service available today. If you would like more information about WebReserv.com, please go to http://www.webreserv.com or contact WebReserv.com at 1-(800)-693-5131.

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SOURCE: Webreserv.com