July 30, 2008

AT&T Launches 3G Wireless Network in Savannah

AT&T has launched its 3G wireless network in Savannah, Georgia, to offer consumers and businesses broadband-like speed and access to interactive voice, video and data applications.

According to AT&T, its 3G devices support AT&T Video Share, a service that enables users to share live video while carrying on a voice call. Customers can also view video clips through CV, an on-demand streaming video service that offers mobile video content from CNN, FOX News, ABC Mobile, CBS Mobile, NBC, ESPN, The Weather Channel, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, American Idol, HBO Mobile and more.

For the launch of 3G wireless network in Savannah, the company has enhanced the technology at 65 existing cell sites across the Savannah area and plans more than 25 new cells sites in the Savannah area in 2009.

AT&T plans to invest nearly $125 million in the Georgia network in 2008 to expand wireless coverage, bringing the company's three-year planned network investment in Georgia for wireless and wired services to nearly $1.5 billion.

Sylvia Anderson, president of AT&T Georgia, said: "The expansion of 3G service in Savannah is another great example of AT&T's commitment to deliver the most advanced communications capabilities to our customers in the Savannah community. This launch is the result of AT&T's continued investment in expanding wireless coverage across Georgia."