July 31, 2008

Tools of the Trade

By Anonymous

Extended-Height Lift Pad Adapter The Model FJ6212 extended- height (EH) adapter enables technicians using any of the company's frame-contact lifts to properly pick up the Toyota Tundra and other light trucks, SUVs and vans. The frame-engaging pad on this and its existing EH auxiliary adapter also have been widened by 1/2 in. to accommodate new vehicles, many of which have wider frames. Many new trucks and SUVs have running boards and other equipment that make it difficult to reach manufacturer-recommended pick-up points using standard or auxiliary EH adapters, which may be either too short or too tall. The FJ6212, at 7 [fraction three-eight] in. high, is a midrange solution. It's taller than the standard adapter but 2 in. shorter than the company's FJ696 extended-height adapter. Both models have a rated capacity of 2500 lbs. per adapter. The adapters are sold in kits of four, including mounting rack and hardware. Rotary Lift

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Torque Screwdrivers

These 1/4-in.-drive torque screwdrivers are economically designed for a more comfortable grip. The TS M16-88 (shown) covers a range from 16 to 88 in.-lbs. and the TSM4-22 has a range of 4 to 22 in.-lbs. These torque screwdrivers feature accuracy that exceeds ISO 6789 specified performance of +-6%, automatic release upon reaching the specified torque, one-way drivers, clockwise operation, an inspection report, a hex key torque adjustment setting and an individual identification number. Mac Took

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Replacement Crankshafts

These stock replacement crankshafts require no welding or grinding; just clean and install with standard bearings. All meet OEM balance specs and are available for the 4.2L V6 Ford, 2.0L G63 Mitsubishi (with seven-bolt flywheel forged steel for added durability), 3VZ V6 Toyota, 6.5L GM diesel, 454 Chevy and 351W Ford. All crankshafts come with a limited parts and labor warranty. EngineQuest

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Reciprocating Compressor Line

The RCP Series of single- and two-stage reciprocating compressors from 2 to 20 hp is now available. Each compressor features a solid cast-iron cylinder, crankshaft and valve plates and is mounted on a durable ASMEcertified, powder-coated receiver tank, properly sized for the compressors airflow and pressure. The receiver tank, supplied complete with pressure gauge and condensate drain, stores the compressed air to provide a steady supply even during periods of high demand. Four different configurations are available: single- stage electric from 2 to 3.5 hp, two-stage electric from 5 to 10 hp (shown), twostage gasoline drive from 9 to 13 hp and two-stage electric duplex from 10 to 20 hp. Chicago Pneumatic

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Locking U-Joints

Locking U-joints are handy to have but are often bulky and take up a lot of space, negating the advantages of increased clearance and access. These locking U-joints are barely larger than standard nonlocking models and allow technicians to work efficiently in tight spaces. A one-hand lock mechanism enables quick tool attachment and removal. The U-joint pivots are laser-welded to provide strength without adding bulk to the tool, and the knurled sleeve allows for better tool control even with greasy hands. Available in [fraction three-eight]-in. drive (FUL8A) or 1/4-in. drive (TMUL8), these U- joints are manufactured using proprietary steel and are chrome- plated for corrosion resistance and easy cleanup. Snap-on Tools.

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Remanufactured Brake Boosters

Interactive Vehicle Dynamics (IVD) Power Brake Boosters offer original equipment designs, remanufactured to original specifications. More than 25 SKUs covering 4.8 million vehicles are available today through the company's First Source program. CARDONE Industries

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