August 1, 2008

Take a Break: Enjoy the Cute

By Anne Flippin

Looking for a Web site with lots of pictures and videos of precious creatures? Try We're talking kittens, puppies, gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas, baby panda bears, prairie dogs, hedgehogs, bunnies and anything else adorable, be it furry or not. If you're having a stress-filled day, take a moment, click on the link, breathe deeply and drink in the cute. It's difficult to be angry when looking at the little fluffy bun-buns.

* A project to "accelerate the acceptance of male pantyhose as a regular clothing item" can be found at Gentlemen, as someone who has worn pantyhose I can only suggest that you run away.

* The good folks who brought "google" into our daily vocabulary now introduce "knol." A knol is "a unit of knowledge" or an article. has a variety of searchable articles from buttermilk pancakes to evolving trends in laparoscopic surgery.

For links to other intersting Web sites and YouTube videos, go to Contact Anne Flippin at [email protected] or 702-387-2910 to submit a Web site link.

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