August 4, 2008

500 Get Bebo ET Chance

SOCIAL networking website Bebo are offering members the chance to send a message to ET in a "digital time capsule".

They've teamed up with Russian space radio expert Dr Alexander Zaitsev for the Message From Earth project.

Bebo plan to send 500 user generated messages into the cosmos on October 9 using the Ukraine Space Agency's radio telescope.

The messages will travel at the speed of light to the planet Gliese 581c and should reach their target in 2029.

The planet was discovered in April 2007 and is thought to be capable of supporting life.

It orbits the "goldilocks" region where conditions are right for liquid water to exist on the planet's surface.

The project launches today and will run until September 30 when a web vote will decide which 500 messages will be sent.

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