August 4, 2008

Televisa Wins Gold With Chyron’s HD Olympic Graphics

Chyron (AMEX: CGS) has today announced that Televisa, the largest Spanish speaking media company in the world, has installed two Chyron HD/SD-switchable HyperX(2) systems, which add to its already established portfolio, to provide graphics for its coverage of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The installation was completed by Chyron's Mexican partner, Insitel.

The HyperX(2) systems with Lyric PRO advanced creation and playout will provide Televisa with cutting-edge HD graphics including scores, templates, chronometers and statistics for the world famous sporting event, which is broadcast by Televisa to millions of viewers in South America and the USA.

"All of the graphics and text produced by Televisa for the Olympic Games coverage will be created by these sophisticated Chyron systems. The HyperX(2)s deliver real-time graphics with a highly intuitive operating system," commented Juan Carlos Salazar, Operations Coordinator, Televisa.

Kevin Prince, Chyron's Chief Operating Officer added, "We are delighted that Chyron is playing such an important role in Televisa's Olympic coverage. The HyperX(2) excels in the live sports arena and this installation allows Chyron to showcase its talent on the world's stage."

About Chyron

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