Online Resources for Family Finances

August 4, 2008

Online resources:

www.utahmarriage.org: Created as part of the Utah Healthy Marriage Initiative. The Web site offers information about classes and marriage-related events and also has statistics and research about dating, courtship, marriage and divorce.

University of Arkansas: The university’s extension services program manages a Web site with tips and worksheets for married couples on how to communicate about money issues. Source: www.arfamilies.org/news/money_and_marriage/default.htm.

www.utahsaves.org: A Web site dedicated to helping people pay off debt and save cash.

www.yesyoucanonline.info: A Web site maintained by Stowers Innovations. Click on the link that says “financial security” for articles and tips about investing, communicating with your partner and cutting costs.

www.providentliving.org: The LDS Church maintains a Web site with financial calculators and tips for budgeting. Log on and then click the link that says “family finances.” On the right is a link to several financial calculators and other resources.

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