August 4, 2008

Multigig Breaks 100 Femtosecond Jitter Barrier

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif., August 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Multigig Inc., today announced the industry's first clock synthesizer ICs to break the 100 femtosecond jitter barrier. These ICs, part of the Multigig QuietClock(TM) family, provide a three times (3x) performance improvement over existing competitive solutions. Simplifying component selection and lowering system cost, the QuietClock family includes 25 sole source and second source clock synthesizer products with single-ended and differential outputs. The QuietClock family covers the most popular frequencies used by PHY, MAC, SERDES, and memory subsystems used in the communication, telecom, networking, server and storage markets.

As high-speed communications protocols move to 10 Gbit/second, 40 Gbit/second and beyond, timing budgets increasingly get squeezed. Unlike Multigig QuietClock, existing clock and synthesizer solutions cannot achieve the low jitter necessary to minimize dropped packets, enable interoperability between computer systems, and ease performance bottlenecks. Jitter is a key parameter designers want to minimize to unlock higher system throughput and the new QuietClock family provides engineers with clock synthesizers that open constricted eye diagrams, enhance bit error rates (BER) and maximize precious timing margin. The QuietClock family of devices not only provides groundbreaking three to five times lower jitter and significantly lower phase noise but does so with 30 to 50 percent lower power consumption than competing solutions via patented RotaryWave(TM) technology.

"QuietClock synthesizers typically limit RMS jitter to 60 femtosecond. This is far better than any competing silicon solution and it offers performance comparable to the best can oscillators but with higher reliability (FIT), frequency programmability, flexibility, and the lower cost associated with silicon solutions," says Haris Basit, CEO of Multigig.

QuietClock synthesizers are programmable clock signal sources that provide an ultra-low jitter and phase noise reference clock signal to communication, computing, and networking interface devices. The product family provides 3.3 V and 2.5 V operation, 1 to 10 outputs from a mix of single ended (LVCMOS) and differential (LVPECL and LVDS) outputs, and supports the full industrial temperature range (-40 to 85 degrees Celsius).

The Multigig QuietClock portfolio includes second source, pin-for-pin replacements of industry standard products. These encompass the 840001/2/4/51, 9229/30, 12429/30, 843001/11/21/22, and 844001/21 products but with improved performance, lower power consumption, and lower cost. The MQC1A0110 1:10 buffer provides functional compatibility with the industry standard 3807 buffer but with twice the frequency (1-400 MHz) range. Common applications for QuietClock products include Gigabit Ethernet (GBE), serial Rapid I/O, SONET/SDH, Fibre Channel, Infiniband, and SATA.

Introduced in 2006 as the first major advance in semiconductor clock design in the last several decades, the underlying RotaryWave technology enables semiconductors to achieve their maximum performance by delivering extremely precise, high-resolution, low-noise timing signals with far less power than is associated with standard clock designs. RotaryWave is a fundamental technology that works on all existing manufacturing processes -- zero manufacturing changes are required to implement RotaryWave clocks into a design. RotaryWave clocks also scale well with advanced processes. Furthermore, this technology has excellent signal integrity with very robust tolerance to substrate, power supply and radiated noise.

   Selected QuietClock Family Devices:    Device        Application           Freq (MHz)      # Outs    Package   MQC9229       SDR/QDR MEM Buffer    25-400          1 LVPECL  32 pin TQFP   MQC9230       SDR/QDR MEM Buffer    50-800          1 LVPECL  32 pin TQFP   MQC840001     FC                    106.2, 212.5    1 LVCMOS  8 pin TSSOP   MQC840002-01  GBE, sRIO, Infiniband 62.5,125,156.25 2 LVCMOS  16 pin TSSOP   MQC840004-11  10GBE,XAUI,sRIO       62.5,125        4 LVCMOS  20 pin TSSOP   MQC840021     10GBE/GBE             125             1 LVCMOS  8 pin TSSOP   MQC840051A    FC,SONET              77-81,152-162   1 LVCMOS  8 pin TSSOP   MQC843001-40  SAS,FC                50,100,106.25   2 LVCMOS/                                                        PECL     8 pin TSSOP   MQC843011     FC                    100,106.25      1 LVPECL  8 pin TSSOP   MQC843021     10GBE,GBE             125             1 LVPECL  8 pin TSSOP   MQC843022     10GBE,GBE             62.5,125        1 LVPECL  8 pin TSSOP   MQC844001-xxx FC,GBE,10GBE,SONET    106.25 - 187.5  1 LVDS    8 pin TSSOP   MQC844021-xxx FC,GBE,10GBE,SONET    106.25 - 187.5  1 LVDS    8 pin TSSOP   MQC1A0110     All                   1 - 400         10 LVCMOS 20 pin SOIC     Pricing and Availability  

QuietClock(TM) samples are available now. Pricing starts at $2.75 for 1,000 units. Contact Scott Gardner at [email protected] for pricing information and read more details at

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Multigig, Inc., is a fabless semiconductor company that provides advanced next generation clock and timing solutions for the wired and wireless communications markets. Over 30 issued patents protect Multigig's proprietary technology. Multigig's corporate headquarters are located at 100 Enterprise Way, Ste. A3 Scotts Valley, CA 95066. For more information on the company and products visit Multigig online at

   Abbreviations:   IC: Integrated Circuit   LVPECL: Low Voltage Positive Emitter-Coupled Logic   LVDS: Low Voltage Differential Signaling   LVCMOS: Low Voltage Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor   SERDES: Serializer/Deserializer   FC: Fibre Channel   GBE: Gigabit Ethernet   10GBE: 10 Gigabit Ethernet   SONET: Synchronous Optical Network   SAS: Serial Attached SCSI   sRIO: Serial Rapid IO   QDR: Quad Data Rate Memory   RMS: Root Mean Square  

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