American Apparel Ranks As Top Online Advertiser Among Apparel Retailers, According to comScore Ad Metrix

August 4, 2008

RESTON, Va., Aug. 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — comScore, Inc. , a leader in measuring the digital world, today released a study based on data from the comScore Ad Metrix service, revealing that American Apparel ranked as the top advertiser using online display ads among apparel retailers in the United States, with 483 million ads delivered during the month of April.

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comScore Ad Metrix provides detailed reporting of the number and types of online display ads viewed by Internet users for the U.S. market. The syndicated service measures the number of times each advertiser’s ads are viewed and where they are viewed, the demographics of those exposed to the ads, and the reach and frequency of the advertiser’s campaign. It also provides samples of the creative ad units with information on ad sizes.

American Apparel Top Online Advertiser among Apparel Retailers

American Apparel delivered 483 million display ad views in April, reaching 49 million Internet users an average of 9.9 times during the month. Under Armour ranked second with 311 million ad views, followed by Snorg Tees (249 million) and L.L. Bean (205 million).

   Top 15 Retail Apparel Advertisers* by Total Display Ad Views**   April 2008   Total U.S. - Home/Work/University Locations   Source: comScore Ad Metrix                                                          Ad-Exposed   Advertiser                 Total Display  Share of      Unique                                 Ad Views   Advertising   Visitors   Average                                  (000)        Voice*       (000)   Frequency   American Apparel, LLC         483,389       24.1%       48,887      9.9   UnderArmour.com               311,528       15.5%       50,862      6.1   SnorgTees.com                 249,214       12.4%       34,009      7.3   L.L. Bean, Inc.               205,590       10.3%       39,781      5.2   LaneBryant.com                141,981        7.1%       22,645      6.3   Nordstrom.com                  94,206        4.7%       19,822      4.8   Spiegel Inc                    90,212        4.5%        7,461     12.1   Giorgio Armani S.p.A.          81,724        4.1%       10,645      7.7   Levi Strauss & Co.             72,259        3.6%       18,825      3.8   BustedTees.com                 64,088        3.2%       19,425      3.3   Nike                           60,573        3.0%       18,440      3.3   NFLShop.com                    57,199        2.9%        6,255      9.1   Endless.com                    47,288        2.4%       11,630      4.1   Skechers.com                   45,847        2.3%        9,358      4.9    *  Share of advertising voice among Top 15 online advertisers in the      category   ** Excludes house ads and small 120x120 ads    

While athletic apparel (Under Armour, Nike, NFL Shop), shoes (Nike, Endless, Skechers), and t-shirts (American Apparel, Snorg Tees, and Busted Tees) are well represented among the top online advertisers in this segment, many of the largest apparel retailers are noticeably absent from this list.

“Apparel is one of the largest U.S. e-commerce categories, accounting for roughly 15 percent of total online retail sales,” said Evan Neufeld, comScore Vice President, Advertising Effectiveness. “However, some of the biggest retailers in the category are significantly underrepresented in the online display ad market. Given the Internet’s proven ability to drive both online and offline sales, those retailers failing to make use of this growing advertising channel are overlooking a substantial opportunity.”

American Apparel Advertises Heavily on Social Media Sites

In April, the majority of display ads for American Apparel were delivered via social media. Nearly half of its ads appeared on top social networking sites MySpace.com (24 percent) and Facebook.com (19 percent), while AOL’s AIM application carried nearly 12 percent.

   Top Publisher Properties of American Apparel Display Ads   April 2008   Total U.S. - Home/Work/University Locations   Source: comScore Ad Metrix                                                  Total Display     Share of                                                    Ad Views      Advertiser                                                     (000)         Ad Views   Total Internet                                   483,389         100.0%   Fox Interactive Media (includes MySpace.com)     117,059          24.2%   Facebook.com                                      89,456          18.5%   AOL LLC (includes AIM)                            60,283          12.5%   Photobucket.com                                   29,325           6.1%   Yahoo! Sites                                       7,793           1.6%   Google Sites                                       6,581           1.4%   Time Warner - Excl. AOL                            5,895           1.2%   Amazon Sites                                       5,691           1.2%   DeviantArt.com                                     3,001           0.6%   eBay                                               2,991           0.6%    

“American Apparel is a cutting edge brand, and its online advertising strategy clearly reflects that,” added Mr. Neufeld. “Using social media as the primary vehicle to drive its provocative ad campaigns has helped it build a strong presence among its core audience of young adults.”

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