August 4, 2008

Purewire Launches Web Security-As-a-Service for Businesses

Purewire, Inc. today announced the immediate availability of its Purewire(TM) Web Security Service, a security software-as-a-service (SaaS) that provides unmatched protection against malicious people, places and things on the Web(TM). Purewire is the first and only security vendor that protects Web users from where they are going, what they are downloading and from anyone malicious or fraudulent with whom they are interacting.

Three areas need to be addressed to secure the Web browsing experience: malicious people, places and things on the Web. Ultimately, the gaps in today's enterprise security leave organizations vulnerable to compromise, which can be costly to fix. The constantly evolving threats demand a new approach to security, going beyond traditional URL filtering. Purewire solves the difficult problems associated with keeping the Web a place where people can be productive and safe.

"The changes in Web technologies over the last several years, such as user-generated content and AJAX-based applications, require a security approach that goes beyond basic URL filtering," said Brian Burke, Program Director, Security Products for IDC. "Purewire has taken a unique approach to address the complete Web security problem, particularly with the company's focus on script-based browser attacks and user reputation, which are needed to maintain trust and safety in today's Web environment."

"Today's dynamic and interactive Web environment is the new threat vector of choice, and the security industry as a whole is a decade late in innovating ways to secure the new Web. It's time enterprises start asking, 'How secure is my Web security?'" said Dr. Paul Judge, co-founder and chief technology officer of Purewire, Inc. "The Purewire Web Security Service integrates sophisticated technology and analysis to bring the highest levels of security, performance and control to Web users in the office or on the go--and trust back to the Web."

Easy Deployment and Administration

The Purewire Web Security Service is deployed as a security SaaS that sits between a company's network and the Internet to protect the company's users as they surf the Web. As an in-the-cloud security SaaS, Purewire inspects outbound Web traffic for safety and compliance, and analyzes Web site response traffic for malicious programs and untrustworthy users. Administrators manage and monitor the Purewire service using a Web-based, user-friendly management application that provides a blend of enterprise-ready and usability features such as directory integration for group- or individual- based policies, pre-defined security policies, and a wealth of security, compliance and usage reports.

Complete Web Security - The Industry's First-and-Only Holistic Approach

Based on patent-pending technologies, the Purewire Web Security Service provides the fastest performance, highest security, and easiest manageability on the market. It is a comprehensive, customizable, and fully integrated service that is powered by four core technologies:

-- Purewire Sandbox(TM) - The advances in Web technologies that provide AJAX-based Web applications as powerful as desktop applications also introduce a new avenue for attacks on the Web browser. The Web is becoming the new operating system, creating a need for a new type of protection. Purewire Sandbox(TM) protects the Web browser from script-based attacks, which require no user interaction. This technology is supplemented with a signature-based anti-virus engine and an object-based anti-malware engine.

-- Purewire Reputation(TM) - URL filtering is a critical piece of Web security, though categories alone are not enough to provide complete protection. The Purewire service consists of two core components: a traditional URL filtering database that categorizes nearly 100 million active Web sites, and a real-time dynamic classification engine that picks up where traditional URL filtering databases leave off, to address the remaining unclassified sites. The Purewire Reputation(TM) engine focuses on the actual sites that users are visiting instead of being driven by Web crawlers. Also, since it operates in real time as part of the proxy, it is able to dynamically classify Web sites based on the content of the page. This technology, combined with traditional URL filtering databases, can increase employee productivity and reduce compliance or security risks.

-- Purewire Trust(TM) - As end users generate a growing portion of Web content, there is a need to consider the reputation and trustworthiness of the content provider in the security decision. Purewire Trust(TM) is the first Web security technology that analyzes user reputation and correlates it against Web reputation and other heuristics for unknown or malicious activity. This helps users be informed before participating in commerce, collaboration or communication with parties that are not trustworthy.

-- Purewire Webcelerator(TM) - Users expect the Internet to be fast and always available. Therefore the Purewire Web Security Service utilizes acceleration technology that maintains Internet speeds even as it performs the layers of security analysis needed to protect end-users. The Purewire service infrastructure provides the reliability to ensure uninterrupted availability.

Enterprise-Ready SaaS Security

As a security SaaS offering, Purewire eliminates tedious and costly installations and hardware costs, lowers overall maintenance, and decreases TCO by up to 40 percent.

"As Web-based attacks become more sophisticated, Web security solutions will play an increasingly valuable role as an enhancement to traditional URL filtering, anti-virus and firewall deployments," said Mike Van Bruinisse, co-founder, president and chief operating officer of Purewire, Inc. "We built the Purewire service from the ground up as SaaS, providing organizations with instant access to innovative technologies without the time and costs associated with hardware or software installs and maintenance. For our partners, this offers a quick entry into a rapidly-growing market, and the highest quality of security, performance and control available."

Several security-focused resellers already have joined the Purewire Channel(TM) partner program including Vigilar, Inc. in Atlanta, Ga.; Razortech in Philadelphia, Penn.; Principal Security Group in Georgetown, Mass.; Secure Datacomm in Sunrise, Fla.; and Bayside Solutions in Saint Petersburg, Fla.

"Our enterprise customers are asking to move more security solutions to the cloud. We've already seen a tremendous response on the email security service side and now the demand is growing for Web," said Tim Tyler, vice president of sales for Vigilar, Inc. "We've worked with the team launching Purewire for many years in the Atlanta security market, and are confident Purewire will deliver the service, support and margins to support its channel partners."

More than a dozen organizations participated in the Purewire beta customer program, ranging from SMBs to Fortune 200 companies. Customer feedback was analyzed and weighed to determine the most critical Web security features, including advanced reporting options useful to enterprises.

"We have around 1500 members at our gym and provide them with kiosk Internet access to surf the Web while at our facility. Since they aren't employees of our organization, we have very little control over end-user education on where they go on the Web. At the same time, we need to maintain control over where our PCs are going and what types of threats they might be bringing back to our network," said Wayne Kosbe, president of The Club at Towne Lake. "This makes having a flexible Web security solution critical. The Purewire Web security service was an easy decision to make--easy to deploy, no requirement for hardware, easy to manage, and has no impact on the user experience in any way."

Purewire was founded by security industry visionaries and entrepreneurs Mike Van Bruinisse, Dr. Paul Judge and Mark Caldwell--all former executives and members of the original management team at messaging security industry leader CipherTrust, which was purchased in 2006 by Secure Computing Corporation (NASDAQ: SCUR) for approximately $300 million. The company also announced today it has secured $2 million in financing in a friends-and-family round led by Imlay Investments, Inc, bringing the company's total funding to $3.75 million; and that it has appointed to its Board of Directors, Thomas E. Noonan, former chairman, president and chief executive officer of Internet Security Systems, Inc., which was acquired by IBM for $1.3 billion in 2006, at which time Noonan became GM of IBM Internet Security Systems. (See Release: Purewire Closes $2 Million In Funding, Appoints Thomas E. Noonan To Board Of Directors)

Pricing and Availability

The Purewire Web security service is available today, starting at $30 per user per year. Volume discounts apply.

About Purewire, Inc.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Purewire(TM) secures business and social interactions on the Web. Founded by veteran security industry entrepreneurs, the company offers Web security-as-a-service to increase ROI and lower the total cost of security for businesses. Purewire is developing unique algorithms and scalable services to protect users from malicious People, Places and Things on the Web(TM). For additional information, please visit