August 4, 2008

Columbus Networks Completes Construction of Cable Landing Station in Boca Raton

Columbus Networks, a wholesale communications service provider, has completed construction of a cable landing station in Boca Raton, Florida, marking the last step before activating an $80 million express undersea fiber optic route that connects South America with the US via Colombia and Florida.

The landing station in Boca Raton is one of three along the 2,400km undersea fiber optic cable route. The other two stations are in Morant Point, Jamaica, and Cartagena, Colombia.

According to the company, the new Boca Raton landing station is constructed to withstand sustained category five hurricane-level storms with winds of more than 160 miles an hour. The building is equipped with battery backup systems along with dual 500-kilowatts power generators, high-performance redundant air conditioners, fire prevention, detection and suppression systems, video surveillance and security systems.

Paul Scott, president of Columbus Networks, said: "Columbus Networks' new landing station in Boca Raton creates geographical diversity from the current concentration of cable landings in Miami."