August 5, 2008

SigmaPlot 11(R) Wins Scientific Computing Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Award 2008 in the ‘Graphing’ and ‘Statistical Analysis’ Categories

Cranes Software International Limited, a company that provides Enterprise Statistical Analytics and Engineering Simulation Software Products and Solutions across the globe, announced that SigmaPlot(R) v. 11, which was released recently through its wholly owned subsidiary Systat Software Inc. headquartered in San Jose, CA., has won Scientific Computing Magazine's Reader's Choice Award 2008 in the 'Graphing' and 'Statistical Analysis' categories ( Used by more than 250,000 scientists, researchers and engineers across a wide spectrum of disciplines for data and statistical analysis, SigmaPlot, the most advanced scientific graphing and data analysis software available, allows its users to present their data using exact, publication-quality graphs.

SigmaPlot 11 now offers a full range of easy-to-use statistical functions in addition to graphing templates and utilities with improved features for accurate and fast data analysis for non-statisticians. Unlike other analysis and graphing packages, spreadsheets or business graphing products, SigmaPlot 11 offers complete advisory statistical analysis features along with a full range of graphing templates and utilities for unmatched data accuracy, speed, data analysis and presentation. SigmaPlot is known for its flexibility to customize any object on a graph to meet the exacting requirements of the scientific and engineering community.

"I've owned and used SigmaPlot for more than a decade and I love it," said Carmen Cuffari, a pediatric gastroenterologist from Baltimore. "We do both clinical and pharmacological research and SigmaPlot enables us to analyze and sort through large amounts of data to create and publish graphs that can be transposed to manuscripts and directly submitted to publications -- the product is that user friendly and great! I can't wait to upgrade to SigmaPlot 11."

Dr. Tore H. Lindstrom, Director, Applications Engineering, said "I have been using SigmaPlot for 15 years and cannot envision being able to do my process optimization without it. I frequently analyze process data from customers with non-linear trends. SigmaPlot allows me to graph and trend the data in such a way that I can easily convey observations and recommendations to customers."

This latest release has significant new enhancements designed to increase ease-of-use, streamline graphing processes, support statistical analysis and improve the quality of the graphs. Key features and highlights of SigmaPlot 11 include:

-- New User Interface - SigmaPlot 11 users can now enjoy an updated look, with additional features including the ability to streamline their customized workspace.

-- Complete Advisory Statistical Analysis Features - Now users have an all-inclusive statistical analysis and technical graphing product that increases the number of usable scientific and engineering applications.

-- Global Curve Fitting - This feature enables users to easily share one or more equation parameters across multiple data sets.

-- Pre-Formatted Worksheets - Users can start by selecting the type of graph they want to create and a worksheet will be automatically created with the data format required for that graph, and data entered into the worksheet is immediately displayed on the graph.

-- Import Excel 2007 Files Directly - SigmaPlot 11 adds compatibility for Microsoft Office 2007.

-- 2D Vector Plots - A display field of vectors in X, Y coordinates where both direction and magnitude are represented. A pop-up dialog box allows the user to specify arrow properties such as color, line thickness, and arrowhead length and angle. This graph can be used in fields where special data includes both direction and magnitude information.

-- Support for EMF Files - SigmaPlot 11 now includes support for importing or exporting Enhanced Metafile Format (EMF) files, a new and improved 32-bit revision of the WMF format.

-- Improved 3D Graph Customization - SigmaPlot 11 now adds mouse selectability and editing of all 3D graph object properties.

-- 100 Percent Vista Compliant - SigmaPlot 11 is fully Vista compliant and includes support for SigmaPlot help files.

A 30-day trial version of SigmaPlot is available at:

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