August 5, 2008

Gauging the Need for Speed: Qwest Reveals Secrets

Increasingly, companies are conducting business online, opening digital storefronts and connecting multiple office locations with advanced networks. But how much bandwidth is enough to keep up with the competition?

"In today's competitive business environment, companies large and small need to evaluate their current bandwidth needs to effectively serve customers," said Ken Smith, vice president, Qwest Business Markets Group. Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q) recently broadcast a Webinar entitled "Does More Bandwidth Make Sense for My Business," as one presentation in a series of online informational forums for assessing a business' technology needs and identifying leading communications industry trends nationwide.

"Most of the mid-sized businesses we work with want to transition to one voice and data network, and are surprised at how cost-effective and seamless the transition really is," Smith added. During the presentation, attendees from across the United States indicated that their slow network speeds are a major concern. And more than 42 percent of the audience agreed that budget constraints were the biggest source of anxiety when considering the addition of bandwidth.

To help customers make essential decisions about their broadband needs, Qwest offers the following tips:

-- Consider your current bandwidth. Does your business have a Web presence? Have customers or employees complained about slow response time or connection speeds? Are you planning to add new applications? Do you intend to drive additional traffic to your Web site? Is your business growing rapidly?

-- Understand the source of potential bandwidth bottlenecks. Do you have multiple users? Are a variety of applications competing for bits and bytes? Do you have a dedicated Internet connection? Converged solutions are available to dynamically allocate bandwidth to support both voice and data, such as Qwest OneFlex(R) Integrated Access.

-- Examine your business' technology objectives. Identify your existing and future goals for the use of technology, including user and transmission needs, and compare those against your available options.

-- Evaluate your current network capabilities. Are they falling short of your needs? Take inventory of your current voice and data circuits. Review your monthly bill in-house, and then with a communications provider to understand how to manage costs more effectively.

-- Educate yourself and your company's IT decision makers about the need for speed. Don't hesitate to ask your service provider what your options are.

"High-bandwidth applications are not just for large enterprises. Cost-effective, high-value solutions - with customer service support included - are available for companies of all sizes and are especially important for growing businesses," advised Smith. For a free consultation of your current network needs, call Qwest at 1 800-472-0643 or visit

FOR THE MEDIA: Ken Smith is available for interviews. The photograph is available for re-use.