August 5, 2008

NonStop Riot Delivers the Hottest New Music Videos in High-Definition Using Digital Fountain’s DF Splash Video Delivery Network

Digital Fountain, a leading provider of advanced, standardized solutions for digital media delivery, today announced that NonStop Riot is using Digital Fountain's DF Splash video delivery network to deliver high-definition music videos to online viewers. NonStop Riot is a music connoisseur's dream guide to hot, new music online and will deliver online music videos via DF Splash to provide a high quality, HD experience that artists and online viewers demand and expect.

With DF Splash, NonStop Riot is enabling artists and brands to build a stronger relationship with the viewer through HD videos of live performance and lifestyle content. NonStop Riot creates music videos for some of the most popular emerging music artists, including Meiko, The Submarines, Shwayze, and Jessie Baylin, and many more, which can be seen at

" delivers HD-quality live videos from the best new artists, and is an extension of our efforts to create high-quality, genuine music relationships between artists, fans, and brands," said Josh Crick, chief executive officer for NonStop Riot. "We spoke with artists and labels and the recurring theme was that they were tired of seeing their hard work streamed by fans through tiny online 'boxes'. We all shared the common goal of creating an experience that could satisfy the most demanding music fans, and the implementation of DF Splash allows us to do just that."

Digital Fountain's DF Splash streaming video delivery network is an end-to-end solution that dynamically adjusts to varying local and Internet conditions, providing every viewer with the most consistent, high-quality online viewing experience available.

"We recognize that an online HD experience is not only more compelling and entertaining, it also benefits the actual brand of the content developers and their customers and sponsors," said Charlie Oppenheimer, chief executive officer for Digital Fountain. "We are thrilled that DF Splash is now offered by NonStop Riot to enable new artists and their fans to experience a better alternative to other video delivery networks."

About Digital Fountain's DF Splash

Digital Fountain's DF Splash streaming video delivery network is the simplest way to provide a consistent, high-quality viewing experience, enabling new revenue opportunities and more loyal viewers for content providers looking to monetize their online content. DF Splash solves the most common viewing problems associated with online video: slow loading, frequent buffering, poor quality, and small picture size. As a true end-to-end solution, DF Splash manages the delivery of high-quality streaming video all the way to the viewer, dynamically adjusting to varying local and Internet conditions to provide every viewer with the most consistent, high-quality online viewing experience available. For more information, please visit

About NonStop Riot

NonStop Riot is a Los Angeles-based leading music branding agency and new media company. NonStop Riot creates genuine experiences and relationships between artists, fans, and brands by leveraging music as a strategy NOT just a tactic.