August 5, 2008

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World Silicones Market

Demand to rise more than 4% annually through 2012

US silicone demand is forecast to grow 4.2 percent per annum through 2012 to $3.9 billion, approximating the gains of the 2002-2007 period. In volume terms, demand is projected to rise 2.7 percent per annum, reaching 825 million pounds in 2012. Growth will be spurred by ongoing technological advancements and product innovation that will continue to improve the performance of silicone in a variety of markets and applications. Gains will also be aided by the rising use of silicone in numerous cosmetic and toiletry products, as well as expanding opportunities in medical applications. Increases will be somewhat limited, however, by a slowdown in durable goods production through 2012, as well as the relatively high cost of silicone.

 INTRODUCTION I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY II. MARKET ENVIRONMENT General Macroeconomic Overview Consumer Spending Patterns Demographic Trends Manufacturers' Outlook Durable Goods Nondurable Goods Construction Overview Historical Market Trends Environmental & Regulatory Trends Occupational Safety & Health Administration Environmental Protection Agency Food & Drug Administration Pricing Trends Foreign Trade International Activity III. PRODUCTS General Fluids Applications Markets Resins Applications Markets Elastomers Applications Markets Gels Foam & Other Silicone Products Silicone Foam Other Silicone Products IV. MARKETS General Industrial Motor Vehicles  Industry Outlook Silicone Demand Electronics  Industry Outlook Silicone Demand Machinery & Equipment  Industry Outlook Silicone Demand Aerospace & Other Transportation Equipment  Industry Outlook Silicone Demand Other Industrial  Electrical/Power Generation Plastic Processing Textile Products Petroleum All Other Consumer Cosmetics & Toiletries  Industry Outlook Silicone Demand Applications Producers Motor Vehicle Polishes Other Consumer Markets Construction Sealants & Caulks Paints & Coatings Medical Industry Outlook Silicone Demand Elastomeric Components Adhesives Implants Other V. APPLICATIONS General Vehicles & Binders Elastomeric Components Surfactants Polishes Lubricants & Greases Emollients Conditioning Agents Defoamers Other Applications VI. INDUSTRY STRUCTURE General Market Share Mergers & Acquisitions Marketing Strategies Channels of Distribution Technology & Manufacturing Research & Development Cooperative Agreements Company Profiles Aearo Technologies Incorporated, see 3M Allergan Incorporated BASF SE Bentec Medical Incorporated Bondo Corporation, see 3M Bostik Incorporated, see Total Caledonia Investments plc Chase Corporation Chemtura Corporation China National Bluestar Group Corporation Clariant International Limited DAP Products Incorporated, see RPM International Dow Chemical Company Dow Corning Corporation Evonik Industries AG Gelest Incorporated General Electric Company Hallmark Cards Incorporated Henkel AG & Company KGaA Hercules Incorporated Hutchinson SA, see Total Kaneka Corporation Kemira Oyj Lion Copolymer LLC Lubrizol Corporation Mentor Corporation Momentive Performance Materials Incorporated MTI Global Incorporated NuSil Technology LLC Quantum Silicones Incorporated, see Caledonia Rhodia SA Rogers Corporation RPM International Incorporated Saint-Gobain Sartomer Company Incorporated, see Total Sherwin-Williams Company Shincor Silicones Incorporated, see Shin-Etsu Shin-Etsu Chemical Company Limited Silchem Silicone Chemicals Incorporated SiliconeZone SILMEX, see Wacker-Chemie AG Specialty Silicone Products Incorporated Taylor Chemical Company, see Caledonia 3M Company Total SA Tremco Incorporated, see RPM International Wacker-Chemie AG Wausau Paper Corporation LIST OF TABLES SECTION I -- EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Summary Table SECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT 1 Macroeconomic Indicators 2 Consumer Expenditures 3 Resident Population & Households 4 Manufacturers' Shipments 5 Construction Expenditures 6 Silicone Market, 1997-2007 7 Silicone Pricing 8 Silicone Foreign Trade SECTION III -- PRODUCTS 1 Silicone Demand by Product 2 Silicone Fluid Demand 3 Silicone Fluid Demand by Application 4 Silicone Fluid Demand by Market 5 Silicone Resin Demand 6 Silicone Resin Demand by Application 7 Silicone Resin Demand by Market 8 Silicone Elastomer Demand 9 Silicone Elastomer Demand by Application 10 Silicone Elastomer Demand by Market 11 Silicone Gel Demand 12 Silicone Foam & Other Product Demand by Type & Market SECTION IV -- MARKETS 1 Silicone Demand by Market 2 Industrial Markets for Silicones 3 Motor Vehicle Indicators 4 Motor Vehicle Market for Silicones by Application 5 Electrical & Electronic Product Shipments 6 Electronics Market for Silicones by Application 7 Machinery & Equipment Shipments 8 Machinery & Equipment Market for Silicones by Application 9 Aerospace & Other Transportation Equipment Shipments 10 Aerospace & Other Transportation Equipment Market for Silicones by Application 11 Other Industrial Markets for Silicones 12 Consumer Markets for Silicones 13 Cosmetic & Toiletry Shipments 14 Cosmetic & Toiletry Market for Silicones by Application 15 Motor Vehicle Polish Market for Silicones 16 Other Consumer Markets for Silicones 17 Construction Markets for Silicones 18 Medical Products & Equipment Demand 19 Medical Market for Silicones by Application SECTION V -- APPLICATIONS 1 Silicone Demand by Application 2 Silicone Vehicle & Binder Demand by Application 3 Silicone Elastomeric Component Demand by Application 4 Silicone Surfactant Demand by Application 5 Silicone Polish Demand by Application 6 Silicone Lubricant & Grease Demand by Application 7 Silicone Emollient Demand 8 Silicone Conditioning Agent Demand 9 Silicone Defoamer Demand by Application 10 Other Silicone Applications Demand SECTION VI -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE 1 US Silicone Sales by Company, 2007 2 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 3 Selected Cooperative Agreements LIST OF CHARTS SECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT 1 Silicone Market, 1997-2007 2 World Silicone Demand, 2007 SECTION III -- PRODUCTS 1 Silicone Demand by Product, 2007 2 Silicone Resin Demand by Market, 2007 SECTION IV -- MARKETS 1 Silicone Demand by Market, 2007 SECTION V -- APPLICATIONS 1 Silicone Demand by Application SECTION VI -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE 1 Silicone Market Share, 2007 

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Silicone fluids to register fastest product gains

Silicone fluids are expected to post the most rapid gains of all the major product segments through 2012. Advances will be buoyed by strong growth in cosmetic and toiletry production, as these fluids tend to improve the performance of products such as antiperspirants, deodorants, eye make-up, foundation, lipsticks and shampoos. Moderate growth is also expected in industrial and automotive applications, where silicone fluids can be used in greases, lubricants and polishes. Silicone resins are projected to expand at a healthy pace, benefiting from strong growth in construction expenditures through 2012, as well as a positive turnaround in motor vehicle production. Within a wide range of applications, silicone conditioning agents are expected to post the strongest increases, followed closely by emollients. Both will benefit from healthy gains in cosmetic and toiletry production through 2012, as well as continued advancements in silicone technology. Lubricant and grease applications are expected to rise at the slowest pace, hampered by a slowdown in the production of machinery and equipment.

Medical market to post strongest growth

Gains in the medical market are expected to exceed all other markets, due to silicone's biocompatibility, low surface tension, chemical and thermal stability, and water-resistant qualities. The increased use of silicone gel-filled breast implants will also stimulate demand in the medical segment, following their reintroduction to the US market in late 2006. Construction markets will benefit from the rising use of higher performing silicone-based sealants/caulks and paints/ coatings. Industrial markets are forecast to post below-average growth, primarily resulting from a slowdown in machinery and equipment production through 2012.

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Silicones is a new Freedonia industry study priced at $4500. It presents historical demand data (1997, 2002, 2007) as well as forecasts for 2012 and 2017 by product, market, and application. The study also considers market environment factors, evaluates company market share and profiles 37 US industry competitors.

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World Silicones Market

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