August 5, 2008

Omtool(TM) Expands Its Swiftwriter(R) Plug-In for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader to Include More DMS Integration Enhancements

Omtool, Ltd. (OTCBB:OMTL), a leading provider of document capture and handling solutions, today announced new enhancements to its Swiftwriter Plug-In software that extend the integration of Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) and Adobe Reader(R) software with document management systems (DMS). This new version provides users in document-intensive businesses, such as the legal industry, with a seamless experience when managing and moving PDF documents in and out of their DMS.

This latest release of the free Swiftwriter Plug-In for Adobe is designed to allow users to not only save PDF documents from Acrobat or Adobe Reader directly into a configured DMS system (fully profiled), but to also allow users to open PDF documents from those same DMS systems, namely Interwoven WorkSite, Microsoft SharePoint, Open Text eDOCS (previously Hummingbird DM), and WORLDOX solutions.

In addition, check-in and check-out capabilities are now inherent in this new plug-in version. When opening and saving PDF documents from within a configured DMS, Swiftwriter Plug-In for Adobe invokes the native DMS check-in/profile screen and allows the Acrobat or Adobe Reader user to enter profile information and save the document. These new features let users increase their productivity and efficiency, especially for those who continually work with PDF documents and need to access them immediately and store them for later retrieval.

According to Rick Borstein, business development manager for the Legal Market at Adobe Systems Incorporated, "The combination of Acrobat and Swiftwriter offers our customers in the legal market a strong solution as they manage the growing number of critical PDF document-based processes." Referring to the latest plug-in release, Borstein added, "The new enhancements to the Swiftwriter Plug-In will provide Acrobat users with greater functionality and access to today's leading document management systems and repositories."

Swiftwriter Plug-In for Adobe v.3 supports the following DMS systems: Interwoven WorkSite/ FileSite/DeskSite versions 8.0+; Interwoven iManage InfoRite versions 5.2+; Microsoft SharePoint 2003+; Open Text eDOCS versions 5.1+; Open Text DOCSOpen versions 3.96+; and WORLDOX GX. Expanded support options available to corporate customers (100+ users). Visit to download the plug-in and for more information.

About Swiftwriter Plug-In for Adobe

As a member of the Omtool product family, Swiftwriter Plug-In for Adobe is a free, one-click solution that integrates PDF documents with popular document management systems. Swiftwriter Plug-In for Adobe has been redesigned to increase productivity with one-click efficiency and eliminate the multiple steps that were previously required to open, save, and check-in/check-out PDF documents within a DMS. Omtool's Swiftwriter Plug-In for Adobe is licensed and currently available at no charge via

About Omtool, Ltd.

Omtool, Ltd is a leading provider of document capture and handling solutions that simplify the integration of paper and electronic documents in enterprise information management systems. Its flagship product family, AccuRoute, streamlines the capture, conversion, communication and archive of paper and electronic documents, enabling fast, secure, simultaneous distribution to multiple destinations in multiple formats. Available at any network-enabled scan device or from a user's desktop computer, AccuRoute provides faster, more efficient workflows, while reducing cost, complexity and risk. Omtool solutions are used worldwide by businesses in document-intensive industries that demand secure handling, integration and tracking of documents in full compliance with a range of regulatory requirements. Based in Andover, Massachusetts with offices in the United Kingdom, Omtool can be contacted at 1-800-886-7845 or

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