August 5, 2008

Recent Attacks on Animal Researchers

By Dana Hull, San Jose Mercury News, Calif.


There has been a string of attacks by suspected animal rights extremists in recent months.

Aug. 2, Santa Cruz: The home of a University of California-Santa Cruz researcher is firebombed shortly after 5:30 a.m. The researcher, his wife and two young children escape down a fire ladder from a second-story window.

June 3, Irvine: A vanpool vehicle, owned by the University of California-Los Angeles, was set on fire and destroyed. Animal Liberation Front activists claimed on a Web site to have set the fire, in protest of UCLA's primate research. The post said, "It is unacceptable for us to see, hear and know what is going on in our animal labs without taking action. . . . For all of those affected, you have the UCLA primate vivisection program to blame."

Spring 2008, Berkeley: Twenty-four University of California-Berkeley researchers and seven staffers have been harassed by animal rights activists over a period of months. Protesters have shown up at night chanting slogans through bullhorns, and damaged homes and vehicles.

Feb. 24, Santa Cruz: An attempted home invasion at the home of a UCSC faculty member who uses mice in breast cancer research.

December 2007 to February 2008: Police are investigating a two-month string of vandalism at the homes of six UC-Berkeley scientists. The names and addresses of the scientists were posted on activist Web sites, along with what the activists claimed

were graphic descriptions of the animal testing.


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